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This article is non-canonical; it is no longer part of the regional lore, either because the associated nations have left the region or the information has been retconned.
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Cronan Unified Defense Agreement
Kronisch Einheitliche Verteidigungsvereinbarung
AbbreviationCUDA, CEVV
Formation11 September 1954; 64 years ago (1954-09-11)
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersKartika, Kiravia
Official languagesEnglish
Secretary GeneralPaul Steinnerson
Chairman of the CUDA Military CommitteeGustav von Nemberg

The Cronan Unified Defense Agreement (CUDA /ˈkdə/; German: Kronisch Einheitliche Verteidigungsvereinbarung; CEVV; Coscivian: Yer better be runnin ya hear me ya slakin buggar; YBBRYAMYSB; ) is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the Cronan Defense Accords which was signed September 11, 1954. The organization constitutes a system of collective defense whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party. Three CUDA members (Kronata, Pauldustllah and Kiravia) are permanent members of the League of Nations Security Council with the power to veto.

CUDA is an alliance that consists of 5 independent member states across Crona, the newest of which being Dmania, who joined in 2024.

CUDA emerged out of the Western Coalition after the Great Cronan War, being the official next step in the de facto Kiro-Krono-Pauldustllahni Alliance. After the war, with the emergence of Pan-Cronanism, a more official alliance between the major Cronan powers was deemed necessary to secure the continent from future threats.


Military operations

Lithuania Crisis

Main article: Lithuania Crisis

After the nuclear terrorist attack on the major population centers of Lithuania, CUDA held an Emergency Conference to discuss a plan of action. This led to the formation of a CUDA-led Coalition to handle the massive humanitarian crisis that Crona would be facing, as well as eliminating the terror cell responsible for the attacks.