Lithuania Crisis

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This article is non-canonical; it is no longer part of the regional lore, either because the associated nations have left the region or the information has been retconned.
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Lithuanian Crisis
Part of Terrorism on Crona
Location Lithuania
Date March 2, 2027; 7 years' time (2027-03-02)
Attack type
  • Nuclear bombingss
  • Suicide attacks
  • Mass murder
  • Terrorism
Deaths 6 million (est)
Non-fatal injuries
2 million+
Perpetrators Giltinė and Zuvimas

The Lithuanian Crisis was a coordinated nuclear attack by Lithuania's ex-Supreme Military Commander Giltinė and her cult Zuvimas, also known as Destruction.



Giltinė had become obsessed with creating a new world. She believed ŽydrŪnas would help her accomplish this. However, once he retired and gave his spot to Asku, her goals shifted to destroying Iron Wolf Lithuania according to Vienytis, which she would do using the Zuviman Cult, of which she was the second-in-command.

Lithuania Region Tensions



Disappearance of Askuian Government

Lithuania Civil War

A war between the Ištikimas or loyalist and the Zuvimas soon broke out afterwards with both claiming to be the legitimate government.


CUDA Coalition

In March of 2027 CUDA formed a coalition of nations, led by Pauldustllah, Kronata, and Kiravia, to enter Lithuania to restore order, manage the humanitarian crisis, and seek out any remaining Zuvimas members.

O'Shea Clean Up Operations

Immediately following the attack, a task force from the Burgundian company O'Shea Heavy Industrial Systems was dispatched to the Aquilonem Ocean and Albion Sea to effect a unprecedented radiation clean-up operation.[1] 40 Ocean Hazardous Waste Separators, a new class of ship designed by O'Shea, as well as a fleet of autonomous waterborne vehicles known as seaborne ionizers were dispatched to the coast of Lithuania. The operation is expected to take 249 days and is supported by elements of the Maritime Response Group, a private navy also based in Burgundie.


Slakonian hosted Lithuania during what is often called its darkest hour by Slakonian news stations. While Vienytis had not previously stated why she knew that Slakonian would host Lithuania's de facto government, however, on early 2027 the Slakonian Minister-President Donáldov Trumpόvič offered asylum to the new government-in-exile.

Donáldov Trumpόvič extended his asylum offer by leasing the island of Saint Maurice of the coast of Slakonian to the Lithuanian government-in-exile. The island few inhabitants were evacuated and accomodations have made to host 5000 people; mostly bureucrats to sustain and assist the exile's government functions.

In response to a rival government-in-exile, Slakonian refuses to recognize the Unbidden aligned 'Lithuanian gov-in-exile' as illegitimate.

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