Cheasan Kompanai

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Exotic Fruits
Native name
Cheasan Kompanai
Traded asCHKP
Area served
Northern and Western Levantia

Cheasan Kompanai is a Fhainnin company specializing in fruit production and transport, both into and out of Fhainnaeran. Its name, a contraction of 'Exotic Fruits' in traditional Fhasen, is generally considered to be inaccurate, as while the company does import warm-climate foodstuffs for resale, it generally produces cold-weather crops, with apples and pears being its most common produce. The company also has tendrils in vegetable production and agricultural machinery, although these are by far an inferior portion of its operations and profit margin.

Internationally, the company maintains an exclusive contract with the League of Nations to supply the body's properties throughout Levantia; depending on the size of a given site, this supply may simply be kitcken-ready boxed foodstuffs or include fresh fruit and prepared meal stands or outlets providing food sold at-cost. Cheasan additionally operates a free vegetarian-style restaurant for staff and visiting delegates at the (Levantia Continental LON HQ megaplex/property). While this arrangement is not particularly profitable in and of itself, it is used to some effect as a marketing tool within domestic markets.