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Chromeria Autoki
Traded asCHRO
Founded15 August 1978; 48 years ago
Serrati, Thessia
Area served
Key people
  • Serro Cleari (Chief Executive)
  • Arserello Rubio (Chairman)
ProductsAutomobiles, commercial vehicles, internal combustion engines, motorcycles, turbo-machinery
Production output
Revenue$88 billion
$15.468 billion
Total equity$96.2 billion
Number of employees
  • Chromeria Transportation
  • Chromeria Commercial Services
  • Chromeria Design
  • Chromeria Financial Services
  • Chromeria Manufacturing
  • Chromeria International
  • Equeri
  • Haudo
  • Lavitro
  • Thero

Chromeria Autoki, commonly known as Chromeria, is a Caphirian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Serrati, Thessia Province, Caphiria. It designs, manufactures and distributes passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, engines, and turbo-machinery and offers related services including financing, leasing and fleet management. It is Caphiria's largest automaker by sales and the world's 13th-largest, selling 5.4 million vehicles in 2035.

It sells sells passenger cars under the Equeri, Haudo, Lavitro, Thero and its flagship Chromeria marques; motorcycles under its Antio and Invicio brands; and commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses under the Levoco and Chromeria Commercial brands.

The company is divided into 6 primary divisions: Chromeria Transportation (the principal automotive division which oversees its passenger and motorcycle brands); Chromeria Commercial Services (responsible for the management and production of light commercial vehicles); Chromeria Design (responsible for automobile design and engineering); Chromeria Financial Services (finances, leases and insures Chromeria brand vehicles); Chromeria Manufacturing (produces large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery, marine propulsion systems, power plant applications and turbochargers); and Chromeria International (oversees international operations). Chromeria used to operate an industrial division (Chromeria Industrial Solutions) but sold that to Quicksilver Industries in 2001, which would go on to become Chromeria Military Solutions.

The company has operations across the world, operating 100 production facilities across 27 countries. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Thessia, Chromeria has a secondary "cultural" headquarters in the Stava Region of Balatum Province.



Business divisions


  • Chromeria Automotive Group: The holding company for Chromeria's current and defunct passenger marques
  • Chromeria Automotive Components: The holding company for Chromeria's automotive components factories and research, testing and other facilities
  • Chromeria Performance: The high performance division and brand name used for its motorsport and racing activity.
  • Chromeria Black: Responsible for the development of the company's highest-performance vehicles. They mainly produce specially tuned versions of production vehicles but they do occasionally develop models independently of the rest of the company.
  • Chromeria White: The research & development division responsible for creating new products (passenger engines, platforms, auto parts, transmissions, etc.) and automobile technologies

Commercial Services

Chromeria Commercial Services (CCS): Oversees the production of the company's commercial vehicles. The range of products on offer includes light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, as well as vans and buses. It also manufactures diesel engines for heavy vehicles as well as marine and general industrial applications. CCS mainly has its production facilities in Crona and its sales and service organization and finance companies are worldwide. CCS manages the Santis, Parsi, Loviar, Schio and Capor brands.

Chromeria Design

  • Chromeria Design Studio (CDS): Primarily focuses on automobile design, CDS also offers product design, project management, styling, packaging, engineering, modeling, prototyping and testing services to manufacturers worldwide.
  • Sertaxo Automotive Designworks (SAD): An independent coachbuilding company and total design firm with a 23,000 square meter (250,000 sq ft) studio and workshop.
  • Rhoria Prototypes: Specializes in developing automobile prototypes and models for car manufacturers around the world. They also frequently work with filmmakers to develop stunt vehicles

Financial Services

  • Chromeria Financial Services: Finances, leases and insures Chromeria passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and optimizes fleets of commercial customers
  • Chromeria Credit: Provides commercial financing and lines of credit to dealerships selling Chromeria vehicles and products

Chromeria Manufacturing

  • Chromeria Manufacturing Systems (CMS): The flagship company builds exhaust-gas turbochargers for high charging pressures with single-stage radial and axial turbines. The performance spectrum of these chargers, which are used both in two-stroke and four-stroke marine engines and in stationary systems, ranges from around 300 kW to 30,000 kW of engine power. CMS also develops two-stroke engines with a range of outputs from 2 MW to 90 MW, medium-speed four-stroke engines that cover a performance range from 450 kW to 21,600 kW and can be operated using liquid or gaseous fuel. Medium-speed engines are deployed to propel all types of merchant vessels, but are also used in passenger ships thanks to their compact nature and their amenability to flexible mounting.
  • Previ Systems: Produces Tubular Reactor Systems for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries and research organizations
  • Kastona Vello Machinery: Develops and produces a variety of compressors, as well as steam and gas turbines for power generation. Furthermore, the company offers gas-compression systems for the oil- and gas industry (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream). This includes hermetically sealed compressors using magnetic bearings as well as high-pressure barrel compressors, with exit pressures ranging from 300 to 1,000 bar.
  • Senzara Industrial Systems: Produces isothermal compressors for use in the production of industrial gases. These are supplied for standard industrial applications such as in the manufacture of specialty chemicals and metal products. Other applications include the handling of bulk carbon dioxide and the production of bulk quantities of oxygen and nitrogen.
  • Chromeria Energy Solutions and Power Management (CES/PM): Produces a range of products from small emergency power generators to turnkey power plants with outputs of up to 400 MW. The range of stationary systems comprises four-stroke engines with a unit output of 450 kW to 21,600 kW and two-stroke engines for unit outputs of up to 80,000 kW. CES diesel engines are operated using heavy fuel oil, diesel, gas or renewable fuels such as Jatropha oil, animal fat or recycled vegetable oils. Under the Power Management sub brand, the firm supplies integrated solutions for the management, operation and maintenance of diesel-fueled power plants.

Chromeria International

  • Chromeria Autoki of Crona
  • Chromeria Levantia
  • Chromeria Audonia
  • Chromeria Autoki of Punth
  • Kiro-Borealis Chromeria Autoki





Lavitro is a luxury sports car manufacturer. The brand is known for its luxury vehicles, buses, coaches, and trucks. In 2002, the company had ambitious plans and product launches which caused them to increase production, forcing substantial investment. Chromeria bought a 7.5% share in Lavitro in 2003 and Lavitro sold 20,000 units. Chromeria gradually increased its stake in Lavitro as the it increased its model variants and the prestige of the brand grew.

By 2009, Chromeria had a 51% ownership stake in Lavitro and in 2011 introduced the brands most iconic model, the Lavitro Glorius. This model helped Lavitro sell a historic record of 57,500 units on a 40,000 target. Chromeria took full control of Lavitro in 2015 and made Lavitro its luxury brand.

Lavitro currently produces 6 models:

Doletatis Demoveo Glorius Ultimus Saleaperta Promissa Coercio

4-door saloon

4-door saloon

2+2 Grand tourer

2+2 Convertible

5-door SUV

2+2 grand tourer


Thero Automotive is an automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans.

Chromeria Autoki

Other equity holdings

Technology and innovations

Corporate governance

Executive management

  • Serro Cleari (Chief Executive)
  • Michetto Tangotera (Principal Executive of Operations)
  • Gerano Valessano (Principal Executive of Marketing)
  • Rodria Negyrius (Principal Executive of Sales)
  • Danis Margiacomo (Principal Executive of Finance)
  • Gullus Lucatore (Principal Executive of Human Relations)
  • Aurio Mazzaronio (Principal Executive of Integrity and Legal Affairs)
  • Lauctus Radovincava (Vice Executive of Transportation)
  • Sagori Cristirenzo (Vice Executive of Commercial Services)
  • Quavio Sacchermino (Vice Executive of Design Services)
  • Valerin Mariace (Vice Executive of Financial Services)
  • Caretalise Gaucina (Vice Executive of Manufacturing)
  • Carlina Vasilvezio (Vice Executive of International Services)

Board of directors

  • Arserello Rubio (Non-Executive Chairman)
  • Serro Cleari (Executive Chairman)
  • Hostraius Decmussa
  • Navia Reschetta
  • Alexandus Venio II
  • Persa Tomassari
  • Sandria Mancieria
  • Léonie-Polymnie Chater
  • Celestine Perraudin

There are an additional 7 board members.

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