Daxian people

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Daxian people
Total population
796 million
Regions with significant populations
File:Daxia Flag.jpg Daxia689,254,654
Jn8qyogt4xt41.png Canpei15,122,035
3xbfcxzedmd81.webp Tanhai86,535,829
Stenzaflag.png Stenza11,328,249
RUflag.png Rusana5,668,650
Daxian language
Grisgianity,Islam, Ancestor worship

The Daxian people are an ethnolinguistic group native to Alshar who share a common language, culture and ancestry. They are the majority group in the nations of Daxia and Canpei and a significant minority in Tanhai, Stenza and Rusana. Several diaspora groups of varying sizes exist in other places in Alshar and overseas. The Daxian ethnonym is a corruption of the name Kogorun, the mythological place of origin of the Daxian.