Federation of Corummese Beef Producers

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The Federation of Corummese Beef Producers is a government-sanctioned private organization that regulates the production and marketing of beef in Corumm. As of 2020, the FCBP produced 88% of Corummese Beef and 53% of Alshar's supply .

Federation of Corummese Beef Producers
IndustryMeat Syndicate
Area served
Key people
  • Ding Shui (Chief Executive)
  • Fredes Bart (Chairman)
  • Ongo Kao (Chief of Operations)
Number of employees

The FCBP plays all powerful role in the collective marketing of meat products and in organizing sales inside and outside the country. Some consider it to be a cartel.

For several years the beef industry giants were one of the main financial pillars of the PCD and its electoral campaigns. After the 1992 victory the largest national beef producers in the country were given permission to band together and form the Federation of Corummese Beef Producers with the stated goal to seize full control of the natonal beef market. The new Federation was given the authority to enforce quality controls, set production quotas on all producers and enact fines and other punitive measures. All producers were obligated to join the Federation if they wished to sell their product on the national market. The Federation would also become the exclusive sales agent of all Corummese beef with foreign clients.

The FCBP has spearheaded the introduction of cattle to north Crona

The FCBP has taken a leading role in pushing back against campaigns for the ethical consumption of animals and calls for reduced meat consumption on health grounds. The FCBP regularly pushes out publicity campaigns bashing vegetarianism and touting the benefits of a protein rich diet. It also runs the 'Bovine University', an accredited institution where would-butchers attend certification courses.

Subsidiary entities

  • Corumm National Meatpacking Consortium
  • Jalqolak Beef Association
  • Xisheng Bureau of Meat Production
  • Cao Beef Council
  • CompaƱia Nacional de Carnes de Pelaxia S.A de C.V.
  • Bussdaberrian Meat Consortium
  • Orgo Foods
  • Fhainn Meat Consortium