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Gvoernor-General of South Crona

GG Crona 2.PNG
EducationCronan History (major)
Conflict Studies (minor)
Alma materRoyal Arcerion Institute for Engineering
Years active2022-present
Known forEnergy and Geography Lore, Anti-Communism, 20k lore articles
Notable work
Arcer Bush Wars
Stand Firm; Arcerion's pursuit of civilization in South Crona.

Arcerion, a democratic, decentralized Confederate Republic in Southern Crona. A collection of separate Governorates, creating a beacon of stability, commerce, security and peace for a region usually rife with infighting, famine, disease, and genocide. Carved from Cronan soil and with Carnish, Gaelic, and Anglic roots, a country of 90 million citizens all working together to form a better future, in the spirit of their frontier forefathers and out of respect for the generations before.

Article creation methodology: 1-2 big articles every week, supported by several smaller ones. (ie. large article: Structure of the Arcer Army, smaller articles to support like Arcerion Regimental System and Royal Moorden Regiment).

Award Winning Articles

  1. 2022 Confederate Memo on Defence
  2. Arcer Bush Wars
  3. Arco Polar Expeditions
  4. Government of Arcerion
  5. Arcerion National Security Enterprise
  6. Arco Determinism
  7. Royal Arcerion Fire Service
  8. Royal Arcerion Naval Service
  9. Arcerion Maneuver Training Centre
  10. Arcer National Space Exploration Agency
  11. Royal Arcerion Submarine Service
  12. Jones' Defence
  13. Arcerion Steel Corporation
  14. Arcerion Parachute Regiment
  15. Istrenyan Crisis
  16. Air Crona

Lore To-Do List

Ongoing Major Projects

-Arcer Bush Wars

-Arcer Military (Army/Navy/Air Force/Special Operations)

-History of Arcerion

-Geography of Arcerion -Government of Arcerion

-Royal Arcerion Fire Service -Cronan Security and Trade Union

-Arco Polar Expeditions

Short term to do:

-Royal Arcerion Constabulary (Gendarmerie) -History of Arcerion (incl. wild west-esque history)

-Paddle/river/steamboat stuff

-Arcerion Special Operations Command (ASOC)

-Natural Geography of Arcerion

-NWBSZ or something on recent insurgency

-Overhaul OPSNS page

-Arcerion Coast Guard

-Arcer Search and Rescue Service (ASRS), avalanches, floods, etc. Lump the ASRS under the federal fire service which is for fighting wildfires. Arcerion will lore-wise be the leading fire service for wildfires and search-and-rescue operations in Crona, and amongst the foremost in the world.

-Golf in Arcerion

-Rugby in Arcerion

-Famous pubs of Arcerion

-Country clubs of Arcerion

-Arcer Participation in the First Great War

-Radio and Telecom Company for military radios etc

-Forts of Arcerion

Long term to do:

-History of each governorate (Moorden/Norham/Northlea/Foxhey/Howland)

-Major cities pages for each

Finished Pages:

-Arco Determinism, governing national and political ethos

-National Security Enterprise

-2022 Confederate Memo on Defence

-Energy in Arcerion

-Albion Sea Gas Fields

-Special Forces Support Group

-Kinnaird Stock Exchange

-Kurst Capital Region

-Regimental System of Arcerion

-Ministry of Finance (barring occasional updates for legislation linked pages, etc.)

-2026 Federal Budget

-The Arco-Lunaesa Affair

-Arcer Wine

-Foreign Office (occasional embassy updates)

Colour References


Lion (Red)

Roundel Exterior for Airforce: rgb(78,129,177)

Arcer Green rgb(18,88,29)