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Kistan is a human (source needed) male (source needed) of approximately 22 to 24 years of age. He lives in the United States. His hobbies are sporadic lore writing, memeing, and generally being awkward. He is the weakest among the True Oldfag Trio both OOC and IC, and generally takes a backseat to leadership and responsibility within the power structure of Ixnay. Known for being a fence-sitting, hand-wringing moderate fuck. RL politics are a bizarre mishmash of technofuturism, moral reformism, and scientific rationalism with little personal religion and some social and economic conservative bits sprinkled in.


- member since 2014

- Poet Laurate for some sick haikus ribbing people

- repeatedly jumping in and out of the colony game

- dying once (but he lived!)

- general oldfaggotry

Naming Conventions for small arms, weapons systems, and ships SS, CV, CVA, BB, BC, CA, CC, CL, DD, CL, DL, TP, N- (nuclear-powered), M- (missile), C- (conventional) Additional Ranks - Chaplain, Corps-General, Brigade-General, Division-General, Amry-General, Knight- award prefix, Citizen Militant (conscript) APC, IFV, MOT, MCH, L-ARM, ARM, H-ARM, AT, SP-AT, AA, SP-AA, R-ART, ART, H-ART, L-ART, SP-ART, SPR-ART, etcetera CIWS, SAMS (surface-air missile), SSMS, AAMS, IMGS (machine gun) Common system designation example - L-ART Type 2017-1 = mortar, designed 2017, first variant designed in category that year example 2 - NM-BC 2001-1 #2 - nuclear-powered, missile-equipped heavy cruiser/battlecruiser designed 2001, second of class

859,124 active, 5,117,866 reserve, 36,881 paramilitary = 6,013,871 total