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Luria Province
Banlieueregis Luria
Imperial Province
of Caphiria
Flag of Luria Province
Location of Luria Province
Country Caphiria
Regions 9
Cities 33
Capital Castra Vetera
 • Praetor Machus Elvorena
Population (2030)
 • Total 52,994,593

The Province of Luria (Banlieueregis Luria), is an Imperial Province of the Imperium of Caphiria. Located on Caphiria's half of the island Ecinis, it shares a border with Insui on its east and the Province of Auvia to its west. Luria is a cultural and tourist haven with things like Coriovallum University as well as being a center for food and automobile production, and having popular coastal resorts such as the Sacard Beach in Castra Vetera, the Viridian Hotel in D'odio, the Occidentis Resonare (Western Echo Resort & Spa) in Istrium, and the exclusive Nova Resort in Magius. Its capital, Castra Vetera, has one of the highest quality of life indices and most advanced social services in the Imperium as well.

Luria is also notable for its many ruined towers, called Arxi, which are some of the only physical remains of the Adonerii civilization. Luria has the most preserved Arxi in the Imperium and possibly the world as Caphiria takes preservation of ancient cultures - notably related to Latinic culture - incredibly significant and crucial.








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