Pantheon Industries

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Pantheon Industries
  • Chemical
  • Life-science
  • Materials science
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
Founded1887 (as Katta Fishing Corp)
FounderGeorgis Kattapoulos
Area served
Key people
Oiksi Iivostner (Chairman)
Number of employees
100,000 (2030)

Pantheon Industries is a multinational conglomerate based in Caphiria. It acts as main holding company for a number of subsidiaries, offering products in the chemical, life-sciences, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and energy sector. Pantheon has 100,000 employees worldwide with an annual revenue (2030) of $90 billion.

Pantheon emerged in the 1880's from the Katta Fishing Corp. which had gained immense value after gaining a monopoly on the global tuna market by exploiting fishing zones in the Omnian Sea. It was owned by Georgis Kattapoulos who had previously published his philosophical work "Society at the Dawn of the 20th Century", after which he began to restructure his company, rebranding it to Pantheon while beginning to acquire not only smaller competitors but also businesses which he deemed visionary or "seminal for society". By the time of Georgis' death in 1922, Pantheon had incorporated nearly all agricultural and life-science companies until an antitrust suit forced the company to split apart in 1977.

Today, Pantheon Industries has diversified its portfolio and is still dominant in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and bio-science sectors. The current chairman of Pantheon Industries is Oiksi Iivostner, who was appointed in 2021 after the ousting of the former chairman Bob Dole.

Businesses and investments


  • Katta Seafood - Founded in 1887, Katta Seafood traces its origin to the original company that Pantheon was build around. Today, it is one of the largest seafood companies in Caphiria and sells frozen, canned, smoked and ready-to-eat seafood products for the wholesale, retail and food service markets under a variety of different brand names.
  • Pharmonis - Founded in 1922, Pharmonis is a pharmaceutical company that mainly operates in the acquisition (for repricing), manufacturing, and sale of consumer healthcare products, generic prescription drugs, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). In 1983, after concerns about tax evasion and an eventual inquiry from The Imperium, Pharmonis suffered its biggest one-day share price fall in its history. The loss equated equated to half of its market value, at which point Pantheon acquired Pharmonis. Today, the company operates in three segments; Consumer Healthcare, Rx Pharmaceuticals, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Lyonardo - Founded in 1978, Lyonardo is a multinational biotechnology company based in Dreistengrad, Diamavya specializing in the discovery, development, and delivery of therapies for the treatment of neurodegenerative, hematologic, and autoimmune diseases to patients worldwide. Lyonardo owns the rights to Fumaderm and BG-12, an oral fumarate, which is being studied for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.It also owns the patent for a treatment for hemophilia B as well as the technology for developing inhalable treatments. Lyonardo is known for acquiring smaller biotech companies and poaching prominent biologists and has come under scrutiny for these aggressive tactics. It was acquired by Pantheon in 1993 for $3.25 billion.
  • Tyran Oil and Hydrocarbons - founded in 1959 as Tyran Coal during the coal-boom in southern Caphiria and was the largest mining company originating in the Imperium. Acquired in 2001 for an undisclosed sum.
  • Vitra Labs - acquired by Pantheon in 2020 for $400 million
  • Reidius Science - acquired by Pantheon in 2006 for $30 million
  • Cyntexia Technologies - acquired by Pantheon in 1997 for $17.4 million
  • Adastrus Pharmaceutical - acquired by Pantheon in 2022 for $13.1 billion
  • Electreus Energy - acquired by Pantheon in 2023 for $1.4 billion
  • Helixa Life - acquired by Pantheon in 2027 for $240 million
  • Quadreum Nuclear - acquired by Pantheon in 2029 for $62.4 billion; the largest acquisition to date by Pantheon
  • Dentota - acquired by Pantheon in 2033 for $150 million
  • Atmios - acquired by Pantheon in 2034 for $11 million


  • Pantheon Industries owns 43.4% of Elanus, a highly specialized defense and IT systems manufacturer. Elanus is known for its specialized tracking and data processing units which can be found in anything from security cameras to satellites. It focuses on producing highly specialized products with military applications.
  • It maintains a sizeable non-controlling interest in Agroleum Comitat, Compor Mining, Baiereal Petrochemical, and the MarĂ­n-Helius Corporation
  • Pantheon owns an 8.9% stake in Ilyas, a global sensory company that specializes on radars, sonars, and IR systems for civil and military applications
  • Pantheon also maintains a 1.4% investment in Quicksilver Industries
  • Pantheon acquired a 5% stake in The Hansa Group