Pope Gregory XVII

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Gregory XVII
Bishop of Urceopolis
Péter Erdő in 2011.jpg
Pope Gregory XVII as Archbishop of Alexandria in 2023
See Holy See
Elected 1 December 2027
Predecessor Pope Pius XIII
Ordination 24 November 1986
Consecration 1 June 1997
by Pope John Paul II
Created Cardinal 14 April 2009
by Pope Clement XV
Personal details
Birth name William Christopher Carlo
Born 3 August, 1964
Alexandria, Insui

Pope Gregory XVII (Latin: Gregorius XVII; born William Christopher Carlo 3 August 1964) is the 269th and current Pope of the Catholic Church, a title he holds ex officio as Bishop of Urceopolis. The Pope is also the Sovereign of the Papal State in Urceopolis.