Pursatni Royal Dragoon Scouts

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Pursatni Royal Dragoon Scouts
Active 19661984
Country Pursat
Allegiance  Burgundie
Branch Army
Type Dragoons
Role Counterinsurgency
Size Battalion
Garrison/HQ Vishnasi
Engagements Operation Kipling
Ravi Thakre

The Pursatni Royal Dragoon Scouts (Burgundian: Reial Scouts de Drac de Pursat) was a special horse unit of the Burgundian Foreign Legion, that operated in Operation Kipling against the communist guerrillas in Pursat, Kulaparkar, and Jaqolak. The unit was raised in 1966 and was disbanded in 1984 at the conclusion of Kipling's combat operations.

It was reformed in 2025 by the Army of Pursat and operates as a mobile armored gendarmerie in special cooperation with the National Gendarmerie of Burgundie.


Burgundie had historically employed units of dragoons in its colonies from the 17th through to the early 20th centuries. Particularly in South Punth, squadrons of dragoons fought in the pacification campaigns of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as in the Great War.

In 1966, the Army of Burgundie created an experimental horse platoon, to operate against the guerrillas in the high grass regions of south western Pursat. Each soldier of this unit was armed with an assault rifle to use in combat on foot, and with an automatic pistol to use while on horseback. The troops on horseback were able to operate in difficult terrain (unsuited for motor vehicles), were less vulnerable to landmines and had the advantage of being able to control the area around them, with a clear view over the grass (which foot troops did not have). Moreover, these unconventional troops created a psychological impact over the enemy, who were not accustomed to dealing with horse troops and had no kind of training or strategy with which to face them.

The experimental horse platoon was so successful that its entire parent battalion (the Reconnaissance Group of Pursat) was transformed from an armored reconnaissance unit - equipped mainly with Panhard EBR armored cars - to a three squadron horse battalion known as the "Pursatni Royal Dragoon Scouts". One of the typical operations carried out by the Dragoons, in cooperation with airmobile forces, consisting of the dragoons chasing the guerrillas and pushing them into one direction, with the airmobile troops being launched from a helicopter in the enemy rear, getting it trapped between the two forces.

The model was replicated in various other theaters during Operation Kipling including: