Sons of Levantia

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Sons of Levantia
Filii Levantii
Participant in The Deluge
Reported flag of the Sons of Levantia
Reported flag of the Sons of Levantia
IdeologyWhite supremacy, The white man's burden, Neopaganism
HeadquartersCetsencalia (previously)
Strength10,000~ (claimed)
~2,500 (probable)

The Sons of Levantia was a militant white supremacist terrorist organization spread across multiple nations and colonial possessions. Formed in the late 2010s - most sources pinpoint 2019 - the organization was formed by white supremacist cells throughout several Levantine colonies in Western Crona. The organization initially sought to create a so-called "pure" ethnostate in Western Crona seperate from the predominantly cosmopolitan Catholic nations of Levantia, citing both racial admixture and religion as their rationale. They intended to conquer and deport native Cronites in order to create their ethnostate.

Eventually, the organization began to attract larger numbers, though the connection between the 2030s recruiting wave and the actual ideological adherence to the organization's doctrines were questionable, as many Sons of Levantia recruits came from Levantia's prisons. The Sons of Levantia began an invasion of Quetzenkel from bases in New Yustona in 2034, and though they were quickly discovered in New Yustona, it required an invasion of Quetzenkel by the Royal and Imperial Army in 2035 to dislodge the organization. Following this operation, part of The Deluge, aggressive enforcement rooted out various cells in Levantia and New Yustona, bringing the organization to a functional end.