Traffic laws around the world

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Country/territory Speed limit on motorway (km/h) Speed limit on dual carriageway (km/h) Speed limit on single carriageway (km/h) Speed limit in urban area Permitted alcohol level (%) Toll roads Seatbelt required Minimum child age (front seat) Triangle required First aid required Fire extinguisher required Spare bulb required Minimum driver's age Tow rope required
 Caphiria 100 kmh 160 kmh 50 kmh 0.05 Yes Yes 10 Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended 16 Yes
 Cartadania 140 km/h; No limit with advisory speed(Verona)
Varies by state
100 km/h 30-90 km/h 0.08%
0.04% (commercial operator)
0.01% (common carriers)
Yes Yes 12 Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended 16; 14 for legal hardships Recommended
 Duōmachāha 140 kmh 40 kmh (Residential)
60kmh (Non-residential)
0.05 No Yes 12 Yes Yes Yes Yes 14 (Mopeds)
16 (Cars and Motorcycles)
18 (Trucks)
 Eldmora-Regulus 150 km/h; No limit with advisory speed in Eldmora
100 km/h in Regulus
120 km/h in Eldmora
90 km/h in Regulus
30-50 km/h in Eldmora
40 km/h in Regulus
0.04% Yes Yes 6 With child seat
8 Without child seat
Yes Yes Yes Yes 13-14 (Mopeds, Tractors)
14-15 (Motorcycles, Autocycles, Light Quadricycles)
15-16 (For permit, can drive under adult supervision at 16)
17-18 (Unrestricted Driver's License)
 Faneria 130 kmh 100 kmh 50 kmh (Urban Core)

60 kmh (Periphery)

0.06 No Yes 12 Recommended Yes Yes Recommended 16 (Permit)

19 (License) 21 (Truck, Motorcycle)

 Kiravia 246 kmh 0.35 Yes Varies by province No No No No No Varies by province No
 Vithinja 150 kmh 130 kmh 110 kmh 30-90 kmh 0.06less in certain unions Yes Yes 12 Required Recommended Recommended Recommended 15 Recommended