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Eldmora-Regulus Confederation

Eldmora-Regulus Staatenbund
Flag of Eldmora-Regulus
Coat of Arms of Eldmora-Regulus
Coat of Arms
Motto: Hoc unitum stabit
United we stand

Official languagesGerman
Recognised regional languagesDutch
Ethnic groups
See Demography of Eldmora-Regulus
See Religion in Eldmora-Regulus
Demonym(s)Eldmoran (Noun)
Eldmoran (Adjective)
Eldmorans (Plural)
GovernmentConfederal presidential constitutional republic & constitutional monarchy
• President
Adam Vogt (VfdR)
• Princess
Roland Schuhart (D70)
Iris Metzger (VfdR)
Raleigh Crawford (CDU)
• Speaker
Clemence Lynwood (CDU)
Emmerich A. Messer
Acts of Confederacy after the Second Princes War
December 12, 1630
February 4, 1631
March 10, 1633
December 12, 1633
May 7, 1713
• Eldmora
May 11, 1713
• Regulus
May 11, 1713
November 11, 1728
January 1, 1810
September 12, 1910
December 28, 1912
August 28, 1915
April 10, 1916
• Total
976,141 km2 (376,890 sq mi)
• 2020 census
• Density
84/km2 (217.6/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$ 3.906.626.044.500
• Per capita
$ 47,445
Gini (2010)0.48790
HDI (2015)0.77198
CurrencyAlder Mark (ALM)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (AD)
Mains electricity230 V-60 Hz
Driving sideright
Calling code+26 for Eldmora
+27 for Regulus
ISO 3166 code'EC
Internet TLD.ers for Eldmora-Regulus Confederation
.eld for Eldmora
.reg for Regulus

The Eldmora-Regulus Confederation, sometimes shortened to Eldmora-Regulus is a country located on the continent of Levantia, it is situated in the central, north west of the continent, bordering the Vandarch Lake to the north east, and bordering the nations of Yonderre to the south east and Wealdland to the south west. The nation is classified as a confederal presidential constitutional republic, but also has a weaker, ceremonial constitutional monarchy. The Eldmora-Regulus Confederation is made up of two primary members, they are Eldmora and Regulus The country spans a total land area of 976,141 km2 (376,890 sq mi). The Eldmora-Regulus Confederation has a population of 82,340,100 million according to the latest census, it is inhabited by both the Eldmoran and Auregulian peoples. The capital city of the Eldmora-Regulus Confederation is Maessen.

The Eldmora-Regulus Confederation is somewhat of a crossroads for Germanic and Romance Levantia, as reflected in it's main linguistic and cultural regions; German, English and a minor French region within the Princedom, although the majority are culturally and linguistically German.


The Eldmora-Regulus Confederation is named after it's founding state, Eldmora, which in itself is a compound word of the two major rivers running through the lands, the Eld which is a bastardization of the word Alt, meaning Old in German. The other river is the Mordau, which has it's origins from the Princedom, where it is named the Mora, which according to legend is named after a local saint, however no sources can confirm that. In Eldmora, the Mordau as a name is a bastardization or misspelling of morning dew.


The Struggles (1630s)

Eldmoran War for Independence (1633)

Dog Years (1710s - 1720)

First Princes War (1728)

Second Princes War (1910)

Formation of the Eldmora-Regulus Confederation (1912 - 1916)



Government & Politics