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Anthonee, Remique, Faxon, Rowlee, Guillame, d'Arcy, d'Oaklie, demeritt, Bussell,Harlow, Gair, Orcutt, Orciee, d,Rhoade, Mountfort, Tomfohrde, Whitnee, Montsee,Draiselle, Pauers, de Vanessoise, Leseur, Armitage, Foisone, Armangnac, Marchon-Bliesee, Cournosee, Dalsee, Goutard, Joanieuse, Dechardt, d'Afraine, Meusart, Caillebotte, d'Atalante,

Elodee, Portia, Edouard, Grace, Renier, Adeline, Quincie, Harriete, Elain, Rochar, Catrine, Alber, Edithe, Percivale, Abigaile, Eugenee, Dorothee, Pheobe, Elee, Elise, Josephine, Neville, Liliane, Carlton, Pollee, Lauree, Marguerite, Caroline, Nellee, Agnus, Adee, Emiline, Emile, Blanche, Zipporah, Isabelle, Elloree, Hester, Bastien

Everline, Claire, Pauline, Chandler, Devereaux, Adele, Marion, Vinald, Talbot, Jaqueline Chevalier, Journeay, Bullard, Pierce, Corbett, Balfour, Hackett, Shapleigh, Chamberlain, Brainard, Glasier, Eunice, Ramsee, Florienne

Rexfort, Andreu, Benesit, Boniface, Berthomeu, Clamens, Eralh, Laurens, Peyre, Tinbalt, Vincens, Alays, Beatris, Franceza, Saura, Emersende, Ermengarde, Egide (Giles), de Havilaund


Astabhan, Ceybhan, Barin, Beimard, Aron, Camran, Æric, Bihan, Abhan, Xihan, Casim/Casimir

Azite, Miriam, Daria, Roxana, Laile, Ædinie, Armitie, Ermanie

Eeranie, Xendie, Echtarie, Cocotia, Basag, Turel, Ravaxi, Zendie, Cowasir, Ciltala, Farhadie


Theleme, Clainne, Mariciennes, Mackee, Ennisport, Talogne, Martigueux, Clabeliard, Mullinshannon, Houicourt, Boulogne, Heraclie, Vilemassalix, Fort Aphrodisia, Centumcebagne, Pristoria, Pteletrix, Imbriene, Mytillai, Arcy, Oaklie, Meritt, Rhoade, Mountfort, Tomfohrde, Vanessoise, Afraine, Atalante, Decatuer, Bangor, Belvoire, Eustis, Hellena, Fontcaud, Lacviste, Lacbosc, Petit Roc, Mamot Lacs, Aberomes, Belverde, Hypoluxora, Sophir, Hedges, Nurillouie, Roxobelvue, Vernes, Terreidsville, Houdon, Glorista, Colotnie, Beveronia, Ruperior, Annetrei, Eustine, Nechelix, Quilla, Cemen, Ashevio, Elsior, Torrs, Mennox, Covelochner, Levier, Mildrege, Peliott, Aledonia, Gilliken, Priend, Irvin, Eynol, Gothena, Locustelle, Crimon, Lumbine, Monmentor, Doltona, Ambroseboch, Ligonice, Emlen, Tunnemede, Gorine, Lotsego, Golovis, Vilefinlie, St. Celin, Gutte, Tontier, Dorches, Heidelite, Novin, Aurelin, Guerner, Monsvilliot, Rossnore, Coultier, Hectoria, Belena, Golet, Verne, Rushie, Antelloret, Vermosa, Demore, Ogilveu, Wilhowie, Pelienople, Alene, Prentz, Molin, Alberon, Onsey, Helon, Sutte, Guilledgelie, Ortia, Hensonia, Dromona, Petione, Pomon, Viboch, Emmon, Petrone, Monsonvillona, Clivet, Overse, Turrellochbuie, Albuquesne, Emines, Vermit, Atchie, Grinnelliott, Amelissa, Aving, Ephenslie, Celestell, Estes, Nesquite, Conrovia, Delitie, Eiselveu, Trevil, Mulligee, Losterville, Tillmoretts, Oregorie, Picheste, Hutte, Cundile, Hendrummon, Sancombe, Monmorena, Gloride, Vermoso, Opheimer, Sulligentrie, Spermorence, Confortesia, Duffie, Frews, Dechelotes, Boncoeur, Sentiss, Attlevins, Senoita, Vonora, Tuletts, Pontefract

Imperial Beverage lore lost to the sands of time

Great War

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A Burgundian Imperial Cola ad featuring the Countess

In the summer of 1948, with the Vachenan invasion of Equitorial Burgundie going poorly for the Burgundians they sought help from Pauldustllah. The August 7th Accord brought Pauldustllah into the war and as part of the accord the Imperial Beverage company would supply the Pauldustllahstani and Flordeterran troops with soft drinks. This rider was signed when after hours of negotiating the terms and fears that a deal couldn't be reached, an intern offered Burgundian Foreign Secretary Hester deBedecq, Countess Valsoix an Imperial Cola. Refreshed and riding the sugar high, Hester concluded the deal shortly thereafter. She remarked, "If we give just one can of this to our troops the Vachenans will never know what hit them!" In September 1948 the rider was added to the August 7th Accord, and the Burgundian Foreign Legion requesting shipment of materials for 10 bottling plants across its bases. During the war, many people enjoyed their first taste of the drink, and when peace finally came, the foundations had been laid for Imperial Cola to do business overseas.


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