Veltorine government-in-exile

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The Veltorine government-in-exile, formally known as the Veltorine People's Republican Government in exile, is the government-in-exile of Veltorina, which lost its independence following its annexation by Caphiria following the Great War. For much of its history, the Veltorine government-in-exile was recognized by Urcea as the sovereign authority over its territory and was a full member of the Levantia and Odoneru Treaty Association (until 1963). Beyond nations which recognized it, the government-in-exile was regarded internationally as the definitive representative of the Veltorine diaspora. It resided in Dorhaven for most of its existence, but following the Assumption Accords it lost Urcean recognition and was ordered to leave the country. During its residency in Dorhaven, it attracted a large following or Veltorine emigres. Following its ejection from Dorhaven, it moved to the Cape, where it presently resides.