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Colony of Vortisia
Axerca Vortisia (Kiravic)

Country Kiravian Federacy
Capital Saar-Vortisia
Population 6,311,000
Governor Lávrentius S.P.T. Barium
Chancellor Vicarius L.V.D. Artosevryn (CPV)
Stanora seats 3
Official languages Kiravic Coscivian
Other Languages Krôsanyan Coscivian, Northern Coscivian
Postal Abbreviation VOR

Vortisia is a Kiravian colony and overseas state located on the northern continent of Giscardia.


Vortisia is a non-sovereign republic governed according to the Colonial Charter of Vortisia as its constitutional document.

Primary legislative power is vested in the Vostisian Congress, a unicameral body elected triennially by single transferrable vote. Unlike most Kiravian states, which use geographically fixed electoral districts usually tied to administrative divisions such as countyships, Vortisian Congressional constituencies are redrawn every five years according to population.

The Governor of Vortisia is appointed by the Prime Executive of the Kiravian Federacy. In practice, the Governor is always appointed from a list of nominees supplied by the Vortisian delegation to the Federal Stanora, though this is not legally required. The Governor serves as the colony's chief executive and can introduce and veto Congressional legislation. The Governor is commander-in-chief of the Vortisian State Forces and retains primary responsibility for oil, gas, mineral, and maritime policy.

Federal Stanora Delegation
Member Party First Elected
  Lavran Kūrvamaxur Coscivian Party of Vortisia (CNC) 21199
  Stesiχorus Iridoveron Centrepath Party (SRA) 21199
  Eridan Ūlvimerin Coscivian Party of Vortisia (CNC) 21206


Oil platforms preparing for launch in Saar-Vortisia

Petroleum extraction and processing is Vortisia's largest industry. Twenty-two offshore oil and gas platforms operate in Vortisia's waters, exclusive economic zone, and continental shelf, and a growing number of oil plays are being developed on land. Dókáreum Corporation and Ultramarin Oilcraft SAK are the largest employers in the colony.

Society & Culture