Yonderian Defence Force

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Yonderian Defence Force
Burgoignesc: Force de Défense Yonderre
East Gothic: Yondersche Wehrkraft
Shield of Joanus.png
MottoPro Deo et Patria Semper Vigilo
(Ever Vigilant for God and People)
Current formDefence Agreement of 2020
HeadquartersCollinebourg, Yonderre
Grand DukeYonderre Flag.png Auguste IV de Somua
Chief of the Armed ForcesYonderre Flag.png General of the Army Phillip de Stonne
Military age18 for voluntary service
ConscriptionYes, for males
Active personnel265,042 military & 65,274 civilian (2028)
Reserve personnel342,423
Domestic suppliers
Foreign suppliers Burgundie
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The Yonderian Defence Force (Burgoignesc: Force de Défense Yonderre, East Gothic: Yondersche Wehrkraft), is the armed forces of the Serene Grand Duchy of Yonderre. Founded in 1644 by Grand Duke Auguste II de Houicourt, The Yonderian Armed Forces also operates the Army of the Air and Yonderian Marine.

The Yonderian Defence Force consists of ten standing divisions divided into two corps, the Grand Ducal Guard Corps and the Second Corps of the Army. In adition, the Yonderian Armed Forces also consists of a further ten skeletonized divisions, brigade-sized units intended to be mobilized and combat ready within three days in case of national emergency. Yonderre's official policy states that a wartime military strength of 480,000 personnel constitutes a sufficient deterrent. The army consists of a highly mobile field army backed up by local defence units. The army defends the national territory and its military strategy employs the use of the heavily forested terrain and numerous lakes to wear down an aggressor, instead of attempting to hold the attacking army on the frontier.

In accordance with the Yonderian Defence Agreement of 2020, the Yonderian Defence Force has begun international peacekeeping operations and has seen combat outside of Yonderre for the first time in its existance, fighting in the Pukhtun Sea and Algoquona.


The Yonderian Defence Force was formed in 1644 by Grand Duke Auguste II de Houicourt in the wake of the Yonderian Peasants' War. The Knights of the Realm, the standing army that had preceeded the Yonderian Defence Force, had proven itself incapable of dealing with an interior revolt and had even provided the rebel force with the majority of its leadership. The formation of the Defence Force, known at the time as the Grand Ducal Army, was also de Houicourt's response to the raising of local militias, de Houicourt seeking to centralize military power in the highly federalized Yonderre.

Command structure

Structure of the National Command Authority

The Yonderian Defence Force is under the command of the Chief of the Armed Forces, who is directly subordinate to the Grand Duke in matters related to the military command. Decisions concerning military orders are made by the Grand Duke in consultation with the Chief of the Armed Forces and the Defence Minister.


Peacekeeping operations

With the Defence Agreement of 2020, Yonderre changed its geopolitical stance from one of general neutrality (with the notable exception of its participation in LOTA) to one of international peacekeeping. This first manifested itself by Yonderre's participation in Operation Khyzer Rhykh starting in 2020 in which three Infatigable-class corvettes partook in counter-piracy opeations. Since 2036 Yonderre has partaken in the Deluge, lending aid to the Armed Forces of Urcea in Operation Mission Shield and being the leading actor in Operation Western Blizzard.


AMY-16 main battle tank of the Guard Cuirassier Division

All numbers are approximate and as per the Yonderian Defence Force's own statistics

Equipment Numbers Notes
Main Battle Tanks 2150 1300 in storage
Infantry Fighting Vehicles 6000 2000 in storage
Utility Vehicles 1800 600 in storage
Trucks TBD
Fighter Aircraft 108 Pending introduction of FS-18
Bomber Aircraft 167 All tactical or strike bombers[1]
Attack Helicopters TBD


  1. The Army of the Air has no strategic bombers as it is entirely centred around territorial defence and tactical air support of ground forces.