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Most Serene Grand Duchy Yonderre

Sérénissime Grand-Duché Yonderre (Burgoignesc)
Serenistische Großherzogtum Yonderre (Gothic)
Flag of Yonderre
Shield of Joanus of Yonderre
Flag Shield of Joanus
Motto: Nam Claritas Dei
For the Glory of God
National Symbol: Le Chevalier vert
The Green Knight
Personification of Yonderre
Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p82.jpg
Location of Yonderre
Location of Yonderre
Yonderre divided into its nine Counties
Yonderre divided into its nine Counties
and Largest city
Official languagesBurgoignesc, Gothic
Recognised national languagesLatin
GovernmentFederal parliamentary elective monarchy
• Grand Duke
Auguste IV de Somua
• Steward of the Realm
Bertelis Arcaneaux
487,160 sq mi (1,261,700 km2)
• 2028 estimate
• Density
202.090/sq mi (78.0/km2)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$5.814 trillion
• Per capita
Gini (2028) 39.5
HDI (2028)Increase 0.841
very high
CurrencyLevantine Union Taler ()
Time zoneUrceopolitan Mean Time
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yy
Driving sideright side
Calling code+216
ISO 3166 codeYN
Internet TLD.yn

Yonderre, officially styled as the Most Serene Grand Duchy Yonderre (Burgoignesc: Sérénissime Grand-Duché Yonderre, Gothic: Serenistische Großherzogtum Yonderre), is a nation in Levantia. Its capital is Collinebourg, which is also its most populous city. Yonderre consists of nine Counties that are divided into 72 Baronies, each of which further subdivides into munincipalities. The Kestrel Isles of the Vandarch Archipelago form a seperate Grand Barony directly under the Grand Duke of Yonderre. Yonderre neighbours Covinia across the Vandarch lake to the north, Hollona and Diorisia to the east, Anglei to the southeast, Søbjerg to the southwest and Hendalarsk to the west via the Kestrel Isles. Yonderre is a landlocked country but has access to the Kilikas Sea via the Aburvrigeen canal.

Yonderre emerged as an autonomous marcher realm in the mid-15th century following the conquest of East Gothica. Yonderre's legitimacy was solidified by the Treaty for the guarantee of Joanus' Land signed with the Holy Levantine Empire in 1494.

Yonderre is a member of the Levantine Union and the Talerzone and was a member of the Levantia and Odoneru Treaty Association from 1958 until its dissolution and replacement in 2038 by the Levantine Union Defense Council, of which Yonderre is a founding member.


Yonderre takes its name from the Treaty for the guarantee of Joanus' Land wherein the lands making up Yonderre are mentioned as Joanusterra, "Joanus' land" from Latin Terra, in reference to Joanus de Martigueux, the first Crusader Grand Count of Yonderre. The styling of the name was changed over time, with the more Burgoignesc-sounding Yoansterre appearing side-by-side with Joanusterra throughout the sixteenth century. The present spelling of the name is first documented in the early seventeenth century and is thought to have replaced the others almost entirely by time of the Yonderian Peasants' War in the 1640s.

Yonderre has sometimes historically been referred to as Yondaar in the East Gothic language after the Conquest of Joanusterre, although this name has amost entirely fallen out of use in favour of the official style.

Administrative regions

Name Capital Population Coat of Arms Location
Amarre Flag.png County of Amarre Toubourg 10,840,697 Amarre Coat of Arms.png Amarre.png
Collinebourg Flag.png County of Collinebourg Collinebourg 12,204,216 66px Collinebourg.png
Donne Flag.png County of Donne Donnebourg 11,952,430 66px Donne.png
Kubagne Flag.png County of Kubagne Sainte-Catherine 11,430,226 Kubagne Coat of Arms.png Kubagne.png
Moncheval Flag.png County of Moncheval Nouvelle-Vilauristre 4,925,941 66px Moncheval.png
Montgebirre Flag.png County of Montgebirre Sainte-Jule-du-Mont 4,320,501 66px Montgebirre.png
Somua Flag.png County of Somua Vallonbourg 7,903,235 66px Somua.png
Vandarcote Flag.png County of Vandarcôte Gabion 20,402,143 Vandarcote Coat of Arms.png Vandarcote.png
Vollardie Flag.png County of Vollardie Willing 9,850,322 Vollardie Coat of Arms.png Vollardie.png
Kestrel Isles Flag.png Grand Barony of Kestrel Isles Falcsbourg 736,871 Kestrel Isles CoA.png Kestrel Isles Map.png