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[[Category:Metaorizonal Age]]
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The Burgoignesc 21st Century Global Strategic Restructuring Plan (Burg: Prepaus Reestructuride Estrategic Globale della segle XXI (PREG-XXI) is series of efforts ordained by the Citizens Court of the National Assembly and promulgated by the Court of St. Alphador during the 2030s and 2040s in the private, military, and diplomatic sectors. They were policy, material, and directional changes. These changes saw major shifts in Burgundie’s military make up, particularly in the maritime realm, transitioning territorial holdings with Urcea to meet the modern needs of the Pathways to Punth Initiative, and evaluating and redrafting alliances and trade agreements. PREG-XXI was the brainchild of Crown Princess Amelia, the heiress to Burgundian throne who preposed it as her inaugural policy after being given a greater role in government by her father Great Prince Pasqual I. He wanted to give her a pet project to demonstrate her ability to rule and to increase her legitimacy in preparation for his abdication, planned for his 70th birthday in 2041. In 2031, Crown Princess Amelia formed an exploratory committee with chief diplomats, military leaders, captains of industry, and provincial and colonial leaders to develop a course of action for the plan.

Pathways to Punth Initiative

Levantine Group

Merger of Doppel Gangway and Fino Family Arms.

Automate 2028 Initiative

Operation Cavum Fundamentum