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Historical States & Polities

United ProvincesAtrassic RepublicCommonwealth of Andela
Confederal Republics of KiravKiravian FederationKiravian Union
Drail EmpireQódava Confederacy
Iravokan RepublicTrans-Aterandic RepublicIndalpine Republic


Colour WarsCola Boom and BustContinental WarĒtrebiktor

Domestic Depth

Futuron CorporationKiravian addressing systemAgrarian paramilitarism in Kiravia
Anti-Subscription League
Reverend Péiton's Big Damn Church
Pine flannel industry in Kiravia, which was concentrated in the Gaelic Northeast and pockets of Intravia and Vôtaska where Scots pine could be found in large quantities. The decline of this industry is part of the long, sad story of the small-town Gaelteacht and Hemiboreal belt.
Middle Kiravian Conference of Public Universities, University Aptitude Exam (Change both names) • Consortium of Catholic Universities • Organization of Orthodox Universities • Association of Apostolic Universities • League of Lutheran Universities • Interscholastic Institute of Islamic Universities • Society of Secterian Schools
Muskētaqui - Concord grape-cultivating tribe of Burgundine origins.

Government Agencies

Kiravian Intellectual Property OfficesCommon Fiscal Emergency FundVolcanic Islanders' Insurance Corporation
Interstate Commerce CommissionColonial College (and successors) • Kiravian Postal Service

Dumb Ideologies

Contemporary Kiravian Political Thought
Shaftonist democracyReservatism • Kirosocialist Revisionism • Coscivian internationalism/Conservative internationslismCorporate republicanismSéarlism
Alter-modernismAnti-modernism in Kiravia
Kirosocial democracy

Just Dumb
Verticalism & Neo-Verticalism • National PostalismGanguidismMarxism-Ruleism