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Historical States & Polities

United ProvincesAtrassic RepublicCommonwealth of Andela
Confederal Republics of KiravKiravian FederationKiravian Union
Drail EmpireQódava Confederacy
Iravokan RepublicTrans-Aterandic RepublicIndalpine Republic


Colour WarsCola Boom and BustContinental WarĒtrebiktor

Domestic Depth

Futuron CorporationKiravian addressing systemAgrarian paramilitarism in Kiravia
Anti-Subscription League
Reverend Péiton's Big Damn Church

Middle Kiravian Conference of Public Universities, University Aptitude Exam (Change both names) • Consortium of Catholic Universities • Organization of Orthodox Universities • Association of Apostolic Universities • League of Lutheran Universities • Interscholastic Institute of Islamic Universities • Society of Secterian Schools
Muskētaqui - Concord grape-cultivating tribe of Burgundine origins.

Government Agencies

Kiravian Intellectual Property OfficesCommon Fiscal Emergency FundVolcanic Islanders' Insurance Corporation
Interstate Commerce CommissionColonial College (and successors) • Kiravian Postal Service

Dumb Ideologies

Contemporary Kiravian Political Thought
Shaftonist democracyReservatism • Kirosocialist Revisionism • Coscivian internationalism/Conservative internationslismCorporate republicanismSéarlism
Alter-modernismAnti-modernism in Kiravia
Kirosocial democracy

Just Dumb
Verticalism & Neo-Verticalism • National PostalismGanguidismMarxism-Ruleism