Government of Corumm

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Government of the Democratic Republic
Emblem of Corumm.png
Formation1946; 77 years ago (1946)
Founding documentBasic Law of the Democratic Republic
Legislative branch
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
Meeting placeRepublic Palace
Executive branch
LeaderChancellor of the Republic
HeadquartersNational Executive Complex
Main organCabinet of the Republic
Judicial branch
CourtSupreme Magistracy
SeatJustice Palace

The Government of the Democratic Republic of Corumm is the national government of Corumm. It is formally organized into three distinct branches of government. Officially a Unitary Republic, where the highest position is the Chancellor who serves as both head of state and of government. The Basic Law was created in 1946 after the fall of the Empire during the military revolt of Dai Hanjian and it establishes the form of goverment as a representative democracy. Several amendments since 1992 have given the office of Chancellor increasingly vast powers to oversee all aspects of governance and gives the position extensive authority in all matters.

The legislative branch of the government is the unicameral People's Assembly made up of five hundred members elected for six-year terms in office. The Assembly is responsible for the writing, review and passing of legislative bills, the approval of the national budget, the declaration of war and at least in theory, supervising the work of the Ministries.

The Supreme Magistracy is the highest court in the nation and the last court of appeal for plaintiffs.

Branches of Government


Local and Province government

Administrative Divisions