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Cao Island
曹岛 (Corummese)

Country Republic of Corumm
Capital Doduang
Population 28,126
Governor Lei Shen
Official languages Corummese
Postal Abbreviation CAI

Cao Island (Corummese: 曹岛), simplified as Cao, is an overseas territory of the Republic of Corumm consisting of a single island located at the entrance of the Punth Strait. It is considered the gateway to the Sea of Nysdra and a strategic location in northern Punth.


The island was named Takalik by its original settlers from Quetzenkel. After the wholesale extermination of the native population in 2024 by Corummese expeditionary forces, the island was renamed Cao, referencing the historical region of southern Corumm.


The economy of Cao is dominated by fishing, horticulture and small scale trading operations with the colonies of New Yustona and Porfiria. It serves as the main transit point of supplies flowing from the mainland to the fronts of expansion in northern Punth.

Society & Culture


The majority of the island's transplanted population are originally from the Henyin region. Being very recent arrivals to Cao, the settler population has so far not developed a distinct regional identity and maintains a purely Corummese ethnic makeup. This ethnic uniformity is directly attributable to deeply ingrained xenophobia and the displacement and extermination of native populations prior to settlement.