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Apostolic Church of the Isles
Eaglis Aspalda na hOileann
Aspalax Æglasta Ionskya
The Celtic Cross
Current HeadArchipelagic Patriarch
HeadquartersIona Nua
LanguageClassical Gaelic
LiturgyCeltic Rite
Members310 million

The Apostolic Church of the Isles, also known as the Insular Apostolic Church is a communion of Christian churches sharing the common theological, liturgical, and cultural heritage of Insular or Celtic Christianity.

The Church's membership is concentrated primarily in the Kiravian Federacy and its overseas colonies, where it is the traditional faith of Gaelic- and Prythonic-Kiravians, as well as Féinem and the Ĥeldican Coscivian ethnic groups. It is the majority religion in the Kiravian states of Irovasdra, Ilánova, Kintyre, Arkelly, Mariava, and Arkvera, as well as the freely-associated state of Saint Kennera.





Ecclesiology & Ecumenism

The ecclesiological relationship between the Insular Apostolic Church and other major churches in the apostolic tradition, mainly the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, is uncertain and a matter of much debate. The Church of the Isles maintains that it is part of the wider one, holy, apostolic and catholic Church along with the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, though it is currently not in communion with either. It remains unclear when the schism between the Insular Church and the wider catholic Church occurred, but most evidence points to a gradual ecclesiastical separation due more to lack of contact between New Iona and Urceopolis than to theological disputes, and that most theological differences between the Insular Church and what it now terms its "Sister Churches" accrued over time following the separation. The Church is actively pursuing dialogue with the Urceopolitan See with the goal of arriving at common theological declaration and establishing some degree of reciprocal sacramental recognition or partial communion, with an eye towards full reconciliation as a more distant goal. The Church enthusiastically supports ecumenical efforts with other Christian denominations.

Notable Figures


  • Saint Bran - Patron saint of potato farmers. Also venerated by the Catholic and Coscivian Orthodox Churches.
  • Saint Catríona of Innisféar - Martyr, patron saint of procrastinators and the woefully unprepared. Delayed her own execution by the Cromwelute Earl of Vrykróva long enough to allow other Christians to escape captivity.
  • Saint Ialm of Kérvoak - Mystic and peripatetic healer, patron of motorists and bus drivers. Builder of the first roadside chapels in Great Kirav and Ilánova, a tradition that continues to the present day in the form of non-denominational chapels at most Kiravian highway rest stops.


  • Pádraig XXV - Current Archipelagic Patriarch, pioneer of reconciliation efforts with the Roman Catholic Church
  • Tomáus Mônihan - Bishop Emeritus of Port St. Kennera, known for his dedication to the independence struggle.
  • Kétaxur Restovin - Priest and social activist, prominent in the distributist, back-to-the-land átrimodernarisēn movement following the Crippling Depression of 2120X.

Lay Members