Prime Executive of the Kiravian Federacy

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Prime Executive of the Kiravian Federacy
Vèurovektur Kiravix Rektārká
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Standard of the Prime Executive
Member ofFederal Cabinet
ResidenceKroveniren Hall
Term lengthFive years
Constituting instrumentFundamental Statute
PrecursorConfederate High Executive
First holderRay Lewis
Unofficial names"Leader of the Coscivian World"
DeputySecond Executive

The Prime Executive of the Kiravian Federacy is the supreme executive official of the Kiravian federal government, acting as both head of state and head of government. The Prime Executive is involved in the federal legislative process through his power to introduce and veto legislation, and works to maintain the support of a cross-partisan pro-administration camp of Delegates in the Cambrium in order to advance a common legislative agenda. He also plays a crucial role in charting and executing the Federacy's foreign and military policies.

The office of the Prime Executive is called the Prime Executure. In Kiravic, the office is known as the Vèurovekturum and the officer as the Vèurovektur. Vèurovektur is a compound of vèurox, which ultimately comes from the Iathei Coscivian vʉrr meaning "first" but took on the meaning of "first and foremost" in High Coscivian before being passed on to Kiravic; and vektur, a High Coscivian title given to various executive officials of the Coscivian Empire.

Constitutional Description

The powers and duties of the Prime Executure are prescribed by the Fundamental Statute.


The Fundamental Statute requires candidates for the Prime Executure to be

  • Kiravian citizens from birth
  • Resident in a state or territory of the Federacy for a minimum of 20 years
  • At least 30 years of age
  • Not members of the Armed Forces, paramilitary, or a private militia.
  • Not a member of a political party in any state

In order to stand for the office of tPrime Executive, candidates must be nominated by at least one member of the Council of States.

Enumerated Powers

The Fundamental Statute prescribes the following powers to the Prime Executure:

  • To introduce legislation to the Federal Cambrium
  • To veto legislation passed by the Cambrium (overridable by a supermajority vote)
  • To appoint subordinate executive officers
  • To issue executive orders and regulatory pronouncements with the force of law
  • To command the Kiravian Armed Forces
  • To oversee the federal bureaucracy
  • To appoint governors of the territories, federal districts, overseas colonies, and other federal subjects
  • To revoke and suspend governments of the above with due cause
  • To make territorial claims on behalf of the Federacy
  • To conduct diplomacy, appoint diplomats, receive foreign envoys, and sign treaties
  • To conduct relations with Aboriginal Kiravite polities
  • To appoint Federal judges
  • To issue pardons and commutations of sentence for convicts in the Federal court system.

Political and Policy Role

The Prime Executure was originally envisioned as a largely apolitical, custodial office responsible for the impartial execution of Cambrial legislation and pragmatic handling of foreign policy and the military. Its two legislative powers, the veto and the power to propose legislation, were included to further separation of powers and help ___________, respectively. Over time, as the power of the federal government and the public profile of the Prime Executure increased, these powers gradually became political in nature, and candidates for the Prime Executure began campaigning on promises to exercise them in support of or opposition to particular policies.

Although primary responsibility for domestic policy on the federal level lies with the Cambrium, modern Prime Executives nonetheless play an active role in the process. The Prime Executive plays a critical role in budget negotiations, which involve a balancing of legislative and executive priorities. Prime Executives also participate in policymaking by "sheparding" the adoption of various policies in conjunction with Cambrial allies. The legislative importance of the Prime Executure expands and contracts with the prevailing political attitude of the Cambrium. For example, under the Shaftonist-Republican Alliance-dominated Cambrium from 21185 to 21206, Prime Executives Rénkédar, Mérovin, and Candrin (all sympathetic to the SRA platform) were able to spearhead major economic and administrative reforms. After a distributist CSU-CR minority government unseated the SRA during Candrin's second term, the Candrin administration largely withdrew from legislative involvement and shifted its attention to foreign, colonial, and military affairs.

Both directly and through various executive branch agencies, the Prime Executive plays a major role in the administration of Kiravia's overseas possessions. The Prime Executive has the authority to levy territorial claims, appoint governors (whether unilaterally, on the advice of a colonial legislature, or from a list of nominees presented by the citizenry), and issue decrees in non-state federal subjects that are not subject to as many constitutional limitations as they would be in full states. The Prime Executive also has the authority to suspend or revoke territorial charters and the governing ordinances of other federal subjects if the local government is found to be in violation of the law.

List of Prime Executives

Portrait Term State Notes
Ray Lewis Ray-Lewis-2008-Steelers-regseason-game.jpg 20XXX-20XXX Maryland Described by historians as "little more than a humorous placeholder", Ray Lewis may have been the first Prime Executive of Kiravia, but he certainly wasn't the last.
Ciarán mac Duinnshléibhe Rob Roy 1820s engraving.jpg 20XXX-20XXX Rovidrea
Andrus Íarphelan EdmundBurke1771.jpg 20XXX-20XXX Ventarya
Meaðrán Érscin 100px 20XXX-20XXX Kiorgia
Seridur Revaridon 100px 20XXX-20XXX South Niyasca
Eridan Vrixtur
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20XXX-20XXX Hiterna
Netanèn Grancanon
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21155-21160 Castera
Élian Paltrogerin
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21160-21170 Endivéga
Valmur Albumin
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21170-21180 Farina
Elmarian Ástukéter
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21180-21185 Ventarya A moderate, Ástukéter attempted some last-ditch reforms of the Kirosocialist system to curb the most extreme bureaucratic excesses and address pressing economic problems, but was met with opposition from the Kirosocialist dominated Cambrium. Ástukéter took a custodial approach to the Prime Executure for the remainder of his term and was killed by a lightning strike three years after leaving office.
Ivardus Kólsylvar Jonathan Harris 1967.jpg 21185-21190 Iscavia
Kexarin Rénkédar
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21190-21195 Kensonia
Irasur Mérovin
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21195-21198 Xirya
Andrus Candrin Dennis Hopper Cannes 2008.jpg 21198-present Kiygrava

Ceremonial Role

The Prime Executive traditionally gives two major public addresses every year. The Autumn Address is typically given sometime during the month of Sávilús, and the Spring Address is typically given during the month of Glaslús or Evtilús. The Autumn Address was historically the more policy-heavy of the two speeches, though there has been greater parity between the two in recent years. On the eve of the Coscivian New Year, the Prime Executive records a special televised message, usually free of overt political content, encouraging national unity and solidarity with Coscivian peoples worldwide. Christian Prime Executives also make a televised address from Kroveniren Hall on Christmas Eve.

The Prime Executive is often accorded the unofficial title "Leader of the Coscivian World" (Kiravic: Kódár Koskiekuviúsk) in recognition of his position as head of the largest and most powerful Coscivian nation, and is regarded, in many respects, as the spiritual successor to the Emperor of the Coscivian Empire. This title is resented and frequently derided in Livensóla, which long regarded its monarchs as heirs to the Imperial legacy and figureheads of Coscivian civilisation.


The official residence of the Prime Executive is Kroveniren Hall in Kartika, which also houses the offices of high-level executive branch staff and hosts visiting dignitaries for official state functions. During Kirosocialism, Prime Executives Albumin, ______, and Ástukéter opted to commute to Kroveniren Hall from private homes elsewhere, as did a handful of earlier Prime Executives. In addition to Kroveniren Hall, the Prime Executive has access to two alpine lodges: Tín Líathemyn in County Highland, Ventarya and Tricēston Lodge near Ēsvelter, Kiygrava, as well as a disused summer retreat in County Akúvar, Niyasca.

Security for the Prime Executive, his family, and his residences is provided by the Presidential Guard Unit of the Federal Protective Service, an agency of the Security Executive. Former Prime Executives are entitled to PGU protection for life, though at present, both of the two living former Prime Executives (Rénkédar and Mérovin) have chosen to waive this privilege.

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