Kiravian Dairy Board

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Kiravix Hulvúpārdin
Comhar Círaibheach Uachtair
Agricultural Coöperative
IndustryDairy products
Area served
Great Kirav
Key people
Éoin Brosnahan
Iùvan Laśnakrilin
Cream liqueur
ServicesFood processing
Overseas marketing
RevenueIncrease ₤3.50 billion
Increase ₤4.20 billion
Number of employees

The Kiravian Dairy Board (Gaelic: Comhar Círaibheach Uachtair) is an agricultural coöperative serving dairy farmers in Great Kirav. The KDB undertakes the processing, packaging, export, and marketing of Kiravian dairy products to consumers overseas.

Heku is currently the largest market for KDB products, followed by Alkharvia, Slakonian, and Kommenori. Since the conclusion of the Crono-Kiravian Open Commerce Agreement, the Dairy Board has been working to increase its sales in Kronata.

The overwhelming majority of the Board's milk is produced on family farms in the "Dairy Belt" of Upper Kirav, Northeastern Kirav, and Central Kirav, though the coöperative has members in every mainland federal subject except Verastia Territory, Amóxav Territory, Kyllera, the Tryhstian Littoral, and the District of Coïnvra. Although they are separate entities, the Kiravian Dairy Board coördinates closely with the Meridia Dairymen's Coöperative and Sakhalin Foods, which have similar business models.


The Kiravian Dairy Board was chartered by the Federal Stanora in 21171 under the Agricultural Exports Promotion Act passed as part of the government's efforts to restructure the Kiravian economy away from Kirosocialism towards an ordoliberal model more open to foreign trade by encouraging the production of high-value exports. Strongly supported by distributists and agrarians, the Act aimed to empower Kiravian smallholders by trading on their rustic, natural image and reputation for quality in order to appeal to consumers overseas.

Beginning in 21208, membership in the coöperative will be opened to dairies in the Kiravian colonies in Punth.