Kiro-Caphirian Party

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Kiro-Caphirian Party
Latin nameFactio Kiro-Caphiriana
Coscivian nameKiro-Hekuviax Plaiduv

The Kiro-Caphirian Party is a transnational political party that primarily exists within the Imperium of Caphiria and the Kiravian Federacy. It is a single-issue party advocating the long term alliance and cooperation between the new countries and presents itself as an alternative to the Levantian Union Party, opposing supra-nationalism and continental integration while still supporting extensive international commerce, international military cooperation, and a more open attitude toward Latin-speaking immigrants and expatriates.

The KCP has links to the Society for Capitalist Preservation.

Activities in Caphiria

Activities in Kiravia

The Kiravian branch of the party is headquartered on Ansalon Island, Valēka, with a Legislative Affairs Office on the southern end of International Avenue in Kartika. During the last ten years, it has either nominated or cross-endorsed candidates for office in Kiygrava, Niyaska, the Sydona Islands, the Tryhstian Littoral, Argévia, Cascada, Ilfenóra, Central Æonara, Eriada, Pribraltar, the Melian Isles, and Serikordia. Electorally, its members have performed best in the Tryhstian Littoral, where Caphirians account for 9.4% of the population and the KCP is consistently represented in the Cortes.

Although its legislative representation outside of Tryhstia is somewhat limited, given the single-issue nature of its platform, the KCP has campaigned actively on a number of political issues with significant success. The KCP has been involved in lobbying state legislatures and campaigning in state and local referenda to keep Latin the main foreign language taught in Kiravian schools, and has worked to obtain official recognition for Caphirian Latin at the local level in Pribraltar, the Melian Isles, and parts of Kiygrava. Although it is not yet registered in Fariva, KCP volunteers from Serikordia carried out counter-demonstrations and canvassing operations supporting a 'no' vote in a nonbinding postal survey launched by the Farivan government to gauge popular support for pursuing observer status with the Levantian Union, resulting in a 62% majority against the premise.

On more mainstream issues, the KCP has supported various measures to promote free enterprise, free trade, and a high level of defence spending.

Although not a full member of any of the Federacy's interstate conferences of political parties, the KCP has been a guest at the last fifteen biannual meetings of the Shaftonist Republican Conference associated with the pro-market, pro-Candrin SRA caucus. In its formal political activities, but even more so in its media campaigns, the party has consistently taken a hostile stance toward the SRA's main opposition, the Caritist Social Union, as the CSU supports more interventionist economic policy than the SRA, leans somewhat in favour of a pro-Levantian foreign policy, and is strongly influenced by Levantine Catholicism.

The KCP's strongest base of support are Kiravians of Caphirian origin, ancestry, or affiliations, including both Latin Caphirians and Hekuvian Coscivians, though it also attracts votes from some Cartadaniaan-Kiravians and a great many generic Coscivian-Kiravians attracted to Caphirian culture and business.