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Medriso Province

Banlieueregis Medriso
Flag of Medriso Province
Location of Medriso Province
 • PraetorNicolas Demos
 • Total49,026,239

Medriso (Banlieueregis Medriso), is a Province of the Imperium of Caphiria. With a population of 49 million, Medriso is the 7th smallest province and its capital is Genate. Medriso is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, culinary delights, artistic legacy, and influence on culture. Medriso is characterized by hills, mountains, valleys and historical towns such as Ictore, the University at Arravocella, the workshops of Vatatianus and Laechmus, the ancient towns of Portoriumi, Taron, and Livanico, and the ruins of Madritavala.


Medriso is bordered by the provinces of Sator and Pollava to the north, Leonia to the east, Xalen and Isuriana to the south, and Acreum to the west.

The terrain is partly hilly and mountainous, and partly flat and fertile owing to the valley of the river Dethoesia.


Medriso is divided into 6 regions and 24 prefectures. Its Praetor, Nicolas Demos, was elected in 2035 and is serving his third term.

Administrative divisions

Region Cities
Nasso Region Lodiano, Solymbrogio, Dellerontia, Fiessone, Predimo
Ferrarra Region Costraleno, Porentum, Sirmizzo, Genate, Carpina, Vitelvinia, Varnici
Santo Region Mussa, Prium, Passanta, Aganeto, Auriuliano, Lusse
Kalyssa Region Gibello, Palenorti, Marsio, Varto, Toliva, Ogiugnum, Arravocella
Crotira Region Iumauggium, Biglia, Canovii, Inan, Casalea
Liera Region Rhodum, Lomegliano, Ferrasisi, Atreverone, Cerrazzanum, Terrilentum, Lastelle


The present economic structure emerged from a series of transformations which took place mainly in the 1970s and 1980s. During this period, there was rapid expansion among small and medium-sized firms and a gradual retrenchment among the large firms which had hitherto characterized the region's industrial base. This process of structural adjustment is still going on.

Economically the most important region is the Kalyssa region. Palenortin steelworks (stainless steel, titanium, alloy steel) and processing companies (automotive, stainless steel tubes, industrial food facility) account for 20 to 25 % of Medriso's GDP. In Palenorti, there are also many multinational companies in the fields of chemistry, hydroelectric power, renewable sources of energy, and textiles. In the rest of the province, the ornamental ceramics industry is much esteemed.

Medrisic agriculture is noted for its tobacco, olive oil and vineyards, which produce excellent wines. Regional varietals include the white Orvieto, which draws agri-tourists to the vineyards in the area surrounding the medieval town of the same name. A notable wine is the Kirousia. Other noted wines produced in Medriso are Viderito and Bruscie. The Medrisic wineries are at the center of the "Cantine Aperte" or "Open Cellars" event, when local wine makers open their wineries to the public. Another typical Medrisic product are the black truffle found in the Liera Region, an area that produces 45% of this product in Caphiria.

The food industry in Medriso produces processed pork-meats, confectionery, pasta and the traditional products of the Liera Region in preserved form (truffles, lentils, cheese).


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