Shockwave Industrial

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Shockwave Industrial
  • Arms manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Security
Area served
Key people
  • Tullia Esdras (Chief Executive)
  • Lar Aelius (Executive Vice President & CFO)
Revenue$64.04 Billion (2030)
Number of employees
ParentQuicksilver Industries
  • Systems & Global Solutions
  • Integrated Defense Technologies

Shockwave Industrial is a Caphirian global defense, security, weapons manufacturer, and advanced technology company with worldwide interests. It is the largest subsidiary of global conglomerate Quicksilver Industries and employs more than 150,000 worldwide. It is headquartered in Xalen, with regional offices all over the world. The current Chief Executive is Tullia Esdras, who has been leading the company since his promotion to the position in late 2009.

Established in 1941 during the height of the Great War to keep up with the increased military volume, Shockwave Industrial became the first company in Caphiria to successfully test nuclear weaponry, which would go on to become the first and only use of a nuclear bomb on another country. After the war ended, Shockwave Industrial received a $10 billion grant from the Imperium for 'long-term strategic research and development' programs to maintain its newfound military dominance. The company would then acquire Crowforce and Spectaverimus in 1971, two of Caphiria's largest manufacturing and technology companies, and incorporate as Shockwave Industrial.

Today, Shockwave Industrial is one of the world's largest defense contractors; 82% of it's annual revenue comes from direct military sales.


Company structure

Shockwave Industrial is composed of two main business divisions:

  • Shockwave Systems & Global Solutions (SGS)
  • Shockwave Integrated Defense Technologies (IDT)

Systems & Global Solutions

Shockwave Global Solutions (SGS) is the business division responsible for development, building, hardening, securing, testing and integrating complex communications systems, networks and products and provide the highest level of support solutions for the public and private sector. They are capable of networking and platform integration; cyber security, defense products, and operational support; satellite communications; protected radio communications products; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, systems and space electronics; mission planning and management systems, weapon control systems and platform computing systems and open architecture information systems.


SGS is is organized into the following subdivisions as of January 2030:

  • Information Solutions Group (ISG) - This division provides mission-critical cyber security tools, information technology and intelligence and analytical and support tools.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting Services (CSS) - This division delivers hardware and software tools to protect and enhance critical assets.
  • Network and Tactical Systems (NTS) - This division supplies flight and engine controls for electronic warfare and night vision systems, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, secure networked communications equipment, and power and energy management systems.
  • Global Services & Support (GSS) - This division designs, develops, produces, supports, maintains, modernises and upgrades armoured combat vehicles, wheeled vehicles, naval guns, surface ship combatants, commercial vessels, missile launchers, artillery systems, military ordnance, and protective wear and armour.

Integrated Defense Technologies

Officially known as Shockwave Integrated Defense Technologies (SID Tech), is the division at Shockwave Industrial responsible for defense and security-related systems, products and services. It was formed by combining the Military Aircraft and Missile Systems division with the Communications & Tech department and is the largest defense contractor in Caphiria responsible for nearly 40% of the entire company's income year-over-year. SID Tech is headquartered in Arzercavalli and has dozens of R&D facilities not only scattered throughout the Imperium but across the world, per international contracts and allowing them to work from virtually any corner of the world.


SID Tech is organized into the following subdivisions as of January 2030:

  • Shockwave Aerial Solutions (SAS) - This division is responsible for fighter aircraft, airlifters, aerial refuelling tankers, helicopters, and airborne warfare systems. This group was previously known as Precision Engagement & Mobility Systems before July 11, 2028.
    • Global Strike Division
    • Mobility Division
    • Surveillance and Engagement Division
    • Missiles and Unmanned Airborne Systems
    • Strategic Missile and Defense Systems
  • Shockwave Combat Solutions (SCS)
    • Shockwave Firearms & Manufacturing (FM) - This division is responsible for manufacturing firearms and a variety of items related to firearms including its own custom variants of the AR-15 rifle, advanced rail systems, custom upper receivers, and advanced barrels among others.
    • Shockwave Maritime Systems (MS) - This division designs and manufactures naval ships and submarines.
    • Shockwave Vehicle Systems (VS) - This division designs and manufactures armoured fighting vehicles such as tanks, armoured cars, reconnaissance vehicles, internal security vehicles, APCs, infantry fighting vehicles, and anti-aircraft vehicles.


Public projects

Though Shockwave Industrial operates primarily in the military field, many of its research and development projects end up in the consumer markets. These projects may vary in size and scope, from technological improvements to wireless communications. All of the projects that Shockwave releases to the public are in the public domain, allowing for other companies to use and adapt the technologies and further integrate it into consumer products. Cyber security is one of the largest ongoing projects from Shockwave Global Solutions and through their unique blend of mission understanding, domain expertise and technical agility, SGS designs, develops and delivers enabling mission systems, subsystems and products for critical information, infrastructure and cyber platforms to advance customer missions. These products are the backbone to the intelligence and public communities, connecting, integrating, and protecting billions of users.

Scarlet Arm

Scarlet Arm is the future of tactical voice and data communications for The Legion's warfighters and international military operations. Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WINT), the Scarlet Arm's backbone, provides on-the-move voice, video and data communications for troops on the battlefield: anywhere and anytime. The PRC-154 and PRC-155 Manpack radios improve mission effectiveness by connecting dismounted soldiers downrange. Together, for the first time in the history of military communications, commanders can coordinate and communicate on the move and troops on the ground can have their voices heard, their texts received, and their position location painted on a map, visible down to the squad level, making them more efficient in their combat missions.

Persistent Ray

Persistent Ray is an experimental LTE Public Safety Network Provider. SGS employs the latest in Fifth Generation Long Term Evolution (5G LTE) technology to deliver instant access to voice, data, video and text to first responders by use of our exclusive Avalon products and open source platforms. The benefits of having a dedicated 5G LTE public safety network include easy deployability, interoperability between agencies, and the ability to provide high-definition full motion video on demand. The public safety networks are also FirstNet-Ready. The goal of FirstNet, a federal initiative, is to provide emergency responders with the first nationwide, high-speed open source network dedicated to public safety. SGS launched the first operational FirstNet 4G LTE network in the 700 MHz Band 14 spectrum for public safety officials at the Voi County Communications Center (VCOM911) in Venceia. The network is already connecting and delivering on-demand and real time information to law enforcement, firefighters, first responders and public safety personnel operating in the most challenging environments.

Corporate governance

The Chief Executive of Shockwave Industrial is Tullia Esdras, who was promoted to the position in late 2009. Esdras has been with the company for over two decades and forced the previous Chief Executive, Julianus Betucius, in a boardroom "coup". INN reported that Betucius was ousted when non-executive directors informed the chairman that they had lost confidence in him. Further, it was suggested that at least one non-executive director was encouraged to make such a move by the board due to the increasingly fractious relationship between Shockwave and the government. Lar Aelius serves as Executive Vice President and CFO and with Esdras, reports directly to the board of directors for Quicksilver Industries.

The two business divisions are run by Senior Project Managers, with Systems & Global Solutions being ran by Paulanio Camercus and Integrated Defense Technologies being ran by Arrun Damania. They have complete oversight of their divisions and are treated as separate entities, even when working jointly on projects. This is further ingrained in company culture, creating a fierce but friendly rivalry within Shockwave. Quarterly and annual events are created internally to boost morale and productivity, and they are so popular that parent company Quicksilver promotes it within the entire organization.

Executive management

  • Tullia Esdras (Chief Executive)
  • Lar Aelius (Vice Executive and CFO)
  • Oscar Panebianco (Vice Executive, Operations)
  • Paulanio Camercus (Senior Project Manager, Global Solutions)
  • Arrun Damania (Senior Project Manager, Integrated Defense Technologies)
  • Osahar Tuma (Vice Executive)
  • Victor Mi (Vice Executive)
  • Go-Daigo Octavia (Vice Executive)
  • Erishum Godredson (Vice Executive)
  • Te Arianiti (Vice Executive)

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