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Caucus of Democrats & Independents
Kadastra Thāruāritarisēskya us Dhidependantikuya
PurpleClick Logo.JPG
Headquarters №21, 18-ram, E-District, Kartika
Caucus Chair Ávkusta Tólyatin Śinesékin
Whip Lardarius Bināryn
Platform Big tent

Modern liberalism
Radical centrism
Shaftonist democracy
Voter Base The Metics
Conferences Union of Democrats & Independents

Federal Stanora
27 / 545


Liberal Democratic Party
Liberandix Thāruāritax Plaiduv
Flag of Bosconia (Cesar).svg
States Fariva, Kiygrava, Serikorda, Cascada
Headquarters Madisar, Fariva
Chairperson Marsellín Kótdivoir
Leader Apollinarius Paraben
Platform Progressive liberalism
Social liberalism
Liberal internationalism
Social democracy
Voter Base Cosmopolitan coastal élites
Conferences Open Kiravia Conference

Federal Caucus non-inscrit
Electoral Symbol
Madisar City Council
2 / 7
Federal Stanora
0 / 545



Umcaran Renaissance Party
Plêduv Ùmkarag Inowamsuk
Umcaran Kuomintang Flag.png
States South Æonara, Liberantia, Eriada, West Æonara
Headquarters Rambosar, South Æonara
Chairperson X.N. Vúhoń
Leader Bob Jones
Platform Umcaran Coscivian interests
Shaftonist republicanism
Coscivian nationalism
Voter Base Umcaran Coscivians
Conferences Interstate Republican Conference

Federal Caucus SRA
Electoral Symbol
South Æonara
32 / 120
35 / 65
Federal Stanora
4 / 545


Economic Justice Party
Plaiduv Timoniúlitærēsk
Centerpartiet Teillogo.svg
Headquarters №21, 18-ram, E-District, Kartika
Party Chair Saverius Kaîśaxon
Whip Ordovicius Sūrmiran
Platform Georgism
Social credit
Social conservatism
Voter Base Farm Gang
Conferences Progressive Alliance
Caucus Kiravian Free Alliance

Federal Stanora
4 / 545


Labour Front of Kirav
Ventaver Kiravsk
Kirab WittSoc Logo.png
States Kiorgia, Tanuvia, Knassania
Headquarters Cityname, Hiterna
Chairman Getulius Kalusakin
Whip Raster Hirispan
Platform Wittonian socialism
Paternalistic conservatism
Voter Base Mostly workers.
Conference Kiravian Labour Parties

Federal Stanora
212 / 545

The Labour Front of Kirav - Kiravian Labour Parties (Ventaver Kiravsk - Kiravix Ventaplaiduya) is a caucus in the Federal Stanora associated with the Kiravian Labour Parties interstate conference of political parties. The LFK caucus is organised around a platform based on solidary economics (inspired heavily by Wittonian socialism) and opposition to closer economic and political integration between the Kiravian Federacy and Atrassic Crona.



The history of the LFK begins with the founding of the Elegian? Labour Party in 21XXX by Mâkupa Naymir, a member of the Elegia? state legislature with the [CSU party]. Elegia at the time was struggling economically due to the post-Kirosocialist economic liberalisation, particularly areas like Naymir's own constituency in County Bunghole, which was reeling from a string of plant closures. Naymir, a committed distributist, had in his youth been an ardent activist against the Kirosocialist régime and a strong supporter of the National Renewal Movement, but also an advocate of comprehensive land reform and the cartel politics practiced by privileged ethno-social communities and aristocratic families in many parts of the country. As such, he had persisted in politics with a strong antipathy towards his colleagues from the Socialist Party of Elegia and the traditionalist-conservative Elegian Home Party. However, he found himself increasingly working across the aisle with members of these parties and against his putative allies in the SRA-aligned Rennovation party.

First Expansion

Decline after 21XYX

Naymir's death in 21XYX marked the beginning of a period of decline in the LFK as a national movement. Although some state parties remained competitive in their respective states' political scenes and new affiliates were established on the Eastern Seaboard, changing political conditions and a lack of clear leadership, vision, and direction from the interstate conference led most of the parties to adapt their platforms and local strategies independently. Most notably, the Etivéran Labour Party entered an electoral alliance with that state's SRA-affiliated parties, in a break with longstanding LFK tradition.

Post-Deluge Revival


Ideological mantle

WitSoc with Coscivian characteristics and how that works.

The LFK is socially and culturally conservative, by both international and Kiravian measures.

Crona policy

The centrepiece of the contemporary LFK platform is opposition to economic and political integration between the Kiravian Federacy and Kiravian-governed territories on mainland Crona. It rejects the various proposals put forth for an "Atrassic Union" and for the incorporation of Cronan territories into the Kiravian Federacy proper. It has pledged to maintain customs and migration controls between the Federacy and Kiravian Crona, and to enact heavy restrictions on the entry of native Cronans to the Federacy. The LFK holds that barriers to the inflow of people and goods from Crona are necessary to protect Kiravian workers and domestic industries from cheap Cronan labour.

The LFK is not opposed to Kiravian neo-colonialism in Crona in principle, and has stated that an LFK administration would honour the Federacy's military, administrative, and humanitarian commitments on the continent while working toward a more "sustainable and people-centric overseas development model that is fair to ordinary people on both sides of the ocean." (sóstenaptix us plānoimdix dhevelotorsilver rív é leftix sasnarustondya ibipeśorê iosková.) Despite this being the official party line, many people with more explicit anti-colonial sentiments have rallied to the party, and there is a pronounced minority wing in favour of scaling back the Kiravian presence in Crona.

Contemporary diversity

Since 21XYY, opposition to Trans-Atrassic integration has taken centre-stage in the LKF, becoming its top policy priority and defining campaign plank.

Popular support

The LFK's core voter base are working-class people in Second Kirav and Third Kirav, especially those employed in industry, agriculture, and resource extraction. LFK parties and candidates perform most strongly in industrial and mining areas of Central, Southwestern, and Northwestern Kirav, as well as the Western and Eastern Highlands in federal elections. They do not perform well in Farravonia, the Míhanska Bay region, or the Northeast-Northeast.

The LFK does not currently have state affiliates in overseas regions of the Kiravian Federacy. A spokeswoman for the conference stated that this is not by design and that the conference would welcome affiliates from overseas states and territories.

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