Vandarch Sea Trade Zone Organization

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The Vandarch Sea Trade Zone Organization is an economic pact formed in 1978 governing international shipping and flights across the Vandarch Sea, which is referred to in the organization's charter as the Vandarch Sea Administrative Zone. It manages joint communications between flight control and maritime bodies within the Sea, establishes maximum limits on tariffs at ports in the Zone, guarantees port-of-refuge rights to all ships of member nations in the Vandarch Sea, and regulated fishing to maintain the Vandarch's ecosphere. The VSTZO is based out of Sethsport, Faneria, and is composed of a top-level council of one representative per member nation.

Vandarch Sea Trade Zone Organization
HeadquartersVSTZO Administrative Offices, Sethsport, Faneria
Official languages
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Membership Eldmora-Regulus

Constituent Bodies

Vandarch Travel Communications Administration

Vandarch Fisheries and Ecological Preservation Commission