Algosh Republic

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Algosh Republic

Flag of Algosh Republic
Motto: Genawadni' ua' Thoqhyop Salqa
(The world belongs to those who can coexist within it)
LocationLocation of the Algosh Republic (green) in Cusinaut (gray)
Official languagesAlgosh
GovernmentJulian republic
• National Hierarch
Fel-ajani I
• Hierarch of the Treasury
• Chancellor and Assembly Majority Leader
LegislatureNational Assembly
• End of the Final War of the Deluge
• Republic proclaimed
• 2026 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita

The Algosh Republic is a country in Cusinaut. The Algosh Republic was formed from the ethnic Algosh heartlands of the former Hierarchy of Algoquona, excluding many of the periphery tribes and ethnic groups who became independent following the Final War of the Deluge.

The Algosh Republic is a member of the Nysdra Sea Treaty Association.


The Algosh Republic sits within the northern third of the Cusinaut peninsula on the northwestern coast of the Nysdra Sea.


Pre-Republican history


Establishment of Republic


The Algosh Republic, as its name would suggest, is a federal republic employing a basic Urcean-style republican system, with a head of state, a chief executive, and a legislative head of government. Many of the titles and honors included within these republican roles - especially National Hierarch and Hierarch of the Treasury - are modeled after the traditional titles and honors of the military rulers of Algoquona, also called hierarchs, but are instead chosen by election. The nation is governed under the Hierarchical Canon of 2027, which serves as the nation's constitution. It reflects the basic separation of powers implicit within the Government of Urcea and includes a bill of rights modeled after the Great Bull of 1811.

The Hierarchs

National Assembly



Linguistic Demographics

The Algosh language is spoken by nearly every resident of the Algosh Republic and is the native language of the Algosh people.

Religious Demographics


The Algosh Republic's economy is considered developing. Economists have noted that it projects to have moderately strong growth in the future, both due to the effects of liberalization on the economy as well as the potential for major economic reconstruction and restructuring due to the lasting devastation of war on the country.


As a result of the Final War of the Deluge, the Algosh people are effectively disarmed under the terms of the establishment of the republic. Accordingly, the nation is primarily defended by the Urcean Royal and Imperial Army and Royal Air Force. A limited exception to this comes in the form of the Republic's participation within the Nysdra Sea Guard, which employs many former enlisted and officers who were previously members of the small, but professional, navy of Algoquona.