New Yustona

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Kingdom of New Yustona
Real union partner of Urcea
Flag of New Yustona
Official seal of Kingdom of New Yustona
Location of the Kingdom of New Yustona in Crona
Location of the Kingdom of New Yustona in Crona
Crona Act 2030
Capital City Port St. Charles
 • King King Riordan I
 • Governor-General Martin de Daphan (NP)
 • Total 16,584,105

The Kingdom of New Yustona is a kingdom in Crona under a real union with Urcea, although it has alternatively been described as a colonial possession of Urcea. The Kingdom was established out of the earlier colony of New Yustona following its expansion during the War of the Northern Confederation. The Kingdom is a confederation of Levantine colonial settlements and native tribal polities that aligned themselves with Urcea during the war.



New Yustona, as a confederation, consists of several tribes, cities, and the Urcean colony of New Yustona under the loose executive presidency of the Apostolic King of Urcea and his Governor-General in his stead. The King, and consequently the Governor-General, has total control over the Kingdom's foreign policy, but relatively limited influence in the domestic affairs of the constituent parts of the Kingdoms save for the New Yustona colony, where the Crown exercises direct control. Under the King and Governor-General is the Grand Council of the Kingdom of New Yustona, which consists of three elected representatives from each constituent part for a total of twenty one members.

A map of the seven constituent parts of the Kingdom of New Yustona.

The seven constituent parts of the Kingdom of New Yustona are:

  • The Colony of New Yustona
  • The Tribal Dominion of Mixcala
  • The Tribal Dominion of Cheektowaga
  • The Tribal Dominion of Tonawandis
  • The Condominium of Weluta-New Mixcala
  • The Free Cities
  • The Tree Tribes

New Yustona




Weluta-New Mixcala

Free Cities

Free Tribes