Caucus of Justice

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Caucus of Justice
Kadastra Tærēsk
Secretary-GeneralEvaren Alsinor
Caucus ChairGartur Talsam
WhipKarín Źabar Asad Haydar
Merger ofUnion for Natural Right
Reform Coälition of the Realm
Moderate Conservatives
Headquarters15 Echo Park Circle, Éamonsar, District of Coïnvra
NewspaperRight Register
IdeologyTraditional conservatism
Green conservatism
Soft antifederalism
Conservative liberalism
Wittonian socialism
Federal Stanora
83 / 545

The Caucus of Justice is a caucus in the Federal Stanora of the Kiravian Federacy composed of parties and independent politicians embracing conservative principles of both a traditionalist conservative and reformist nature.



Talsam Leadership

Haydar Leadership


The Caucus of Justice is generally described as a convergence of two ideological lines of thought with differing histories and philosophical bases but generally similar goals.

In economic matters, the Caucus of Justice takes a reformist approach, opposing both the market liberalism and "managerial" ordoliberalism of the Shaftonist-Republicans and the more dramatically distributistic goals of the Caritists. The CoR legislates heavily on issues such as consumer protection, insurance reform, working conditions, while also encouraging small-buisiness growth and greater access to credit. Within the caucus, there is a philosophical divide between the Traditionalists, who have opposed the Shaftonist-Republican development agenda, and the Reformists, who support development but seek to control its excesses and mitigate its failures.

With regards to federalism, the CoR seeks a return to the pre-Kirosocialist layer-cake model, with clearer delineation between areas of state responsibility and areas of federal responsibility. They oppose the post-Kirosocialist Federal involvement in areas of competency that were historically reserved to the states, such as education, certain business and labour regulations, and public services that has continued under Shaftonist-Republican rule.

The reformist wing of the party belongs mostly to the Interstate Reform Alliance conference, while traditionalists dominate the Southern Green-Right and Organic Social Union conferences. Parties and independents of both persuasions are found in the Kiravian Conservative Union, though it has recently acquired a more traditionalist bent.

Voter Base

Caucus of Justice members generally earn the votes of those who benefited from or seek to return to the pre-Kirosocialist order of Kiravian society, including landowners, "republican" professionals, many small business owners (especially in rural and semi-rural areas), and those inhabiting medium-sized, stable communities in Upper Kiravia, the Middle Aquaric states, and the Arenican and Avalonican colonies.

The Cadre has historically had a poor showing from non-Coscivian voters and continues to be uncompetitive among Khars and colonial natives. However, due to the Federacy's preferential immigration policies that largely restrict immigration to groups with strong traditional values, the traditionalist wing of the CoR has earned the loyalty of various non-Coscivian immigrant communities and religious minorities. Muslim and Sikh Kiravians are counted as part of the cadre's base, and CoR member Karín Assad-Haydar became the first cadre chair and Chancellor of immigrant background in Kiravian history. The CoR has also historically defended the autonomy of Kirhavite Aboriginals, though its support among them has eroded as the Aboriginal population has urbanised and shifted towards the CSU.

Electoral Performance

Member Parties

Full Members

  • Reform Party of the Realm
  • National Reform Party
  • Emerald Action Front (Enscirya)
  • Party of Civic Order (Devalömica,Hiterna, Intravia, Castera)
  • Northeastern Reform Party (Kiygrava, Niyasca, Endivéga)
  • Haven Party (Hanoram)
  • Party of Right (Ventarya)
  • Party of Right (Kiravian Landder)
  • Imperial Federation Party (Thenrya)
  • Constitution Party (Kiorgia)
  • Homeland Party (Austral & Itapau Islands)
  • Conservatives (Suradia)
  • Conservatives (Urenia-Aliplata)
  • Colonial Life Party (Iscardia)
  • United Statesmen (Enothisca)
  • Enothiscan State Party (Enothisca)
  • Eskuin (Ignacia-Érmica)

Consultative Members

  • Oceantropican State Party
  • Party of Values (Erinava)
  • Ibykian Islamic Party
State Party Conference Delegates State Legislature
Andrēdan Andrēdan Republican Party SGR
2 / 3
147 / 200
25px Aventurine Bay Conservative Party KCU
0 / 3
6 / 52
DevalōmaraFlag.png Devalōmara Union Party KCU
1 / 5
22 / 135
Landder Party of Right KCU
22 / 100
FarivaFlag.png Fariva Townships Party KCU
0 / 3
7 / 135
25px Ibykia Ibykian Islamic Party OSU
0 / 3
3 / 20
Iscardia Colonial Life Party KCU
2 / 3
84 / 147
Issyria Issyr River Party SGR
3 / 3
91 / 112
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Party of Right UCCD
1 / 3
34 / 175
Ventarya General Conservatives SGR
1 / 3
22 / 175
National Reform Party IRA
1 / 3
9 / 175
Ventarya Party SGR
0 / 3
3 / 175
Íarphelan Republican Party SGR
0 / 3
2 / 175
MetreaFlag.png Metrea Republican Popular Party IRA
0 / 3
- unknown
HanoramFlag.png Hanoram Red Tories KCU
1 / 3
61 / 130
Blue Tories IRA
0 / 3
54 / 130
SydonaIslandsFlag.png Sydona Islands Islamic Da'wah Party IRA
0 / 3
9 / 317
Teal Ensign.png Thenrya Thenrya National Party KCU
1 / 3
19 / 100
Imperial Federation Party OSU
1 / 3
15 / 100
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Conservative Party SGR
3 / 3
79 / 115
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Tryhstian Littoral
El Derecho Autónoma OSU
0 / 2
2 / 72