Irasur Valyrian

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Brano Praefecti Urborum
Irasur Valyrian
Erant Centurius
Irasur Valyrian recieving the Natianio Viveski Medal in early 2027.
Born March 22, 1983 (age 51)
Nevisar, Ilfenóra, Kiravia
Residence Brano, Veleia Province, Caphiria
Ethnicity Kiravian
Citizenship Kiro-Caphirian
Education Conventio Catholic school
Alma mater Ahugnault University
Occupation Politician, Lawyer
Salary $312,000
Net worth $2.2 million
Title City Prefect
Predecessor Venays Rulisillius
Political party Kiro-Caphiravian Party
Religion Imperial Catholicism
Spouse Aalina Valyrian
Children Halian Valyrian, Shathier Valyrian

Irasur Valyrian (born March 22, 1983) is a Kiravian-born Caphirian politician currently serving as City Prefect of Brano in the province of Veleia of the Imperium of Caphiria. Born in the Kiravian Federacy and living there until he was a teenager, he left to move abroad to Caphiria where he enlisted in the Imperial Legion in 2003. Valyrian would commit to two full cursus (two ten-year contracts) and attained the rank of Captain (Centurion) before retiring from active duty in 2020.

Upon returning home, Valyrian quickly transitioned into a career and politics and from 2020 to 2024, he worked for the provincial government of Veleia, going from a part-time military advisor and strategist to Chancellor of External Affairs. As Chancellor, he created dozens of treaties with Kiravia, going so far as to establish three sister-cities, fourteen ambassador programs, and countless educational programs between Veleia and Kiravia.

He resigned in late 2024 to begin a campaign to run for Praetor of Veleia, failing to get nominated under the Kiro-Caphirian Party, which he founded. Instead, he decided to narrow his focus and ran for City Prefect of his hometown Brano, where he had more success, and in 2025 was elected City Prefect. As City Prefect, he would go on to continue to strengthen the bond between Kiravia and Brano, most notably creating a cultural and economic hub with the Tryhstian Littoral. Valyrian's tenure as City Prefect was met with near unanimous praise and he would be elected to a second term in 2030. Now a political veteran, his focus was on more broad level topics and concerns and this laid the foundation for his announcement in June 2033 that he would be once again running for Praetor of Veleia.

Early life and education

Irasur Valyrian was born in 1983 to a pair of wealthy bankers in the Kiravian city of Nevisar. Located on the lower Kiravian west coast, Nevisar is known for its innovative and affluent lifestyle. He was raised in an area known as the "Rosary Belt", aptly named for its strong Catholic presence. He would be enrolled in the Conventio Catholic school and would frequently hear about Caphiria and Imperial Catholicism.

As Valyrian graduated from Conventio in 2000 and began to weigh his options for university and to plan his future, it was suggested to him by Father Mattéuv Andristur that he join the Valois foreign exchange program as a way to travel the world and learn about different cultures. Valyrian thought this was the perfect opportunity to visit Caphiria and see what the Imperium and more importantly, how its religion differed from the one he had grown up with.

In the summer of 2002, he had been admitted into the foreign exchange program and his destination was the Imperial Province of Veleia. It is considered a trendsetter in popular culture, innovation, and politics. Seven months after arriving in the city of Galpina, Valyrian had told his parents that he wanted to stay permanently. His parents refused immediately, fearful that their son had been corrupted by the Imperial Church and told him to come home. This created a rift in the family, ending with Valyrian's father disowning him; it would be over two decades before the relationship was mended.

Military career

Valyrian's military profile.

Valyrian enlisted in the Imperial Legion of Caphiria in the winter of 2003 in an effort to have some sense of security and stability as his parents had disowned him the previous season. With no money to his name, the nineteen-year-old committed to the full cursum service (ten-year minimum service).

Valyrian was strong for his size and weight; he displayed desire and toughness in nearly everything he did and was incredibly competitive and driven to succeed. These qualities made him a perfect fit for the Legion. His training and discipline had left him with the "uniquely Caphirian" personality and method of getting things done. Upon graduation from the Moncalieri Academy of Military Science military academy, Valyrian received the rank of Legionary Grade I (Unus Gradus). and was assigned to the Ordariu unit, which was stationed at Legiones Aumenaro in the Tonsa-Piscortium valley of Isuriana.

Demonstrating his adaptive nature, Valyrian excelled in his basic duties and always showed a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, even from a young age. Following exemplary service in the Fall of 2004 during the Tonsa-Piscortium valley flood disaster, Valyrian took charge and assisted in evacuation and flood relief efforts and was promoted to Grade II (Secundus Gradus) as as result.

His service began to gain attention of higher ranking commanders, and in mid-2007 Valyrian was placed on the fast track to Decurion (Sergeant). Over the next several years,, Valyrian would continue to prove himself as he dealt with more than a dozen noncombatant situations. After finally earning the Decurion rank, Valyrian was now the designated second-in-command of the Ordariu unit, which in 2009 was deployed to the southern Sarpedonic country Reçêpistan due to ongoing insurgencies in the region.

In Reçêpistan, Valyrian had his first real combat experience when a convoy of Caphirian vehicles came under fire from insurgents. The attack incapacitated his unit's Tesserarius (Squad Leader) and as the designated second-in-command, Valyrian was able to not only guide his team to safety, but was able to eliminate the threat and ultimately save the life of his Tesserarius. This would not be the first time that Valyrian was able to assume a leadership role and all of this would eventually earn him a commendation and an immediate promotion to Tesserarius Grade I with a brevet promotion to Grade II as a replacement for his wounded team leader. At the end of his tour in Reçêpistan, the brevet rank was made permanent and the Ordariu unit was stationed back in Isuriana in 2011 while Valyrian became recognized as the Primo Optio of his century.


Early Political Career

Despite having no prior political background, Valyrian transitioned into politics with little hesitation and resistance, landing an advisory role in the provincial government of Veleia in late 2020. Despite being in his late 30s at this point, he was one of the youngest people working in the Praeministrum and seen as a novice yet his popularity kept rising, riding off of the success of his successes in the military. Valyrian proved that his mind could be as shrewd off of the battlefield as they had been on it.

Despite his entry-level position, Valyrian used the opportunity to study Caphirian politics first-hand by becoming a protégé to former Praetor Saturio Dalmatius. Dalmatius had been a trailblazer in his time, born from an Indigeni family who carved his own destiny against all odds. Dalmatius saw himself in Valyrian and over time the two would develop a very close relationship, going so far to name Valyrian his adopted son. This adoption plus his prior military service allowed Valyrian to formally gain citizenship of Caphiria and would let him further his political career.

Dalmatius introduced Valyrian to the wealthy Patrician class of Veleia and it is during this time where he began to develop his own political identity. Shortly after, Valyrian would be promoted from his entry-level advisory role into a more secure and significant role as one of the five Junior Chancellors of Veleia. This position marked Valyrian's first true foray into the Caphirian political scene and with Dalmatius still acting as his mentor, the young politician's ambition grew. One of the first major hurdles preventing Valyrian from continuing to climb up the political ladder was his lack of formal education. He had been in the military since he had first arrived from Kiravia and while his military background had helped him make a name for himself as a young man, virtually every major politician in Caphiria has also served. In order to legitimize himself as a politician, Valyrian made the decision to get a formal education.

Deciding to make a public declaration, Valyrian revealed he was using his entire salary as Junior Chancellor to enroll in law school to better serve the people. He also announced that instead of going to Fortuna Institute, the most prestigious school in Caphiria, Valyrian announced that he'd be enrolling in Ahugnault University, the local provincial college. This not only improved his standing within the Praeministrum, but it also boosted enrollment at Ahugnault by 7% that year. Over the next five years not only was Valyrian was by far the most popular Junior Chancellor of Veleia, he graduated from Ahugnault University magna cum laude.

Valyrian's mentor Saturio Dalmatius passed away shortly before he graduated and upon graduation, Valyrian had June 14 be known as Dalmatius Day to honor him.

Chancellor of External Affairs

In 2023, the forty-year old Valyrian was elected to the Chancellor of External Affairs position in Veleia.

Praetor of Veleia 2025 Campaign

City Prefect 2025 Election

Prefecture of Brano

First Term (2025-30)

Twin Cities Program

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Personal Life

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