List of countries by age of consent

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Countries and States Region Age of Consent Legalities (better name here?) Notes
Homosexuality Partners
M F MM FF 3+ Partners Unmarried
 Alstin Crona 16
 Austro-Caldera Crona 20 Illegal 20
 Caphiria Sarpedon 16
 Cartadania Sarpedon 17 Age of consent is 17, the most common age at which a Cartadanian citizen will have completed high school. While no law expressly prohibits polyamorous domestic relationships and many instances occur throughout the country, marriage between more than two individuals is expressly prohibited by law in all 37 administrative divisions.
 Eldmora-Regulus Levantia 16 Illegal 16 Age of consent is 16. The law does not explicitly prohibit polyamorous domestic relations, it does prohibit marriage with more than two individuals. The Age of consent laws in Eldmora-Regulus do recognize a Close-in-age exemption of an age difference of 3 years or less, and if the court finds the adolescent individuals to be in a ''dating relationship'', and if the act is deemed consensual. The exemption is not applicable when the age difference is below 16.
 Daxia Audonia 18
 Faneria Levantia 17 20 Couples may provisionally marry at 17 under religious custom and affirm their marriage legally at 20, with religious marriages being accepted in lieu of reaching legal adulthood at 20. Marriage and civil unions are legally synonymous in Faneria, and infidelity towards a spouse is prosecuted as a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions. As homosexuality is rarely tolerated in religious communities in Faneria, the effective legal age for the irreligious or homosexual is 20 and non-heterosexual, non-two-partner unions face some additional hurdles.
 Kiravia Kiroborea 16 Illegal Hot Illegal Extramarital sex is illegal. State laws restrict age difference between spouses.
 Pelaxia Sarpedon 16
 Rumahoki Sarpedon 16 Legal Illegal Due to the heavy influence of the Catholic Church on Rumahokian culture, polyamorous relationships, extramarital sex, and premarital sex are illegal. Civil unions, however, are considered equal in status to marriage and thus any intimate relations that occur within a civil union are deemed perfectly legal.
 Tierrador Crona 18
 Urcea Levantia
 Vithinja Kiroborea 18 Legal Legal Illegal Mixed Laws on homosexual and premarital relations varies between regions. Age of consent is generally poorly regulated and not often taken to court when broken.
 Yonderre Levantia 15