New Veltorine Provisional Government

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The New Veltorine Provisional Government (NVPG) describes the provisional governing structure of New Veltorina from the time of its transition from the military government Veltorine Territories to the inauguration of its constitutional government on January 1st, 2028. The government was largely established as a compromise between the Veltorine Popular Defense Committee and Veltorine government-in-exile, mediated by agreement of Urcea and the Cape. The NVPG had no national legislature but was governed directly by a sixteen member cabinet overseen by an Executive Administrator. The primary role of the government was to oversee rebuilding of the country following the Final War of the Deluge and to provide administrative support to the Constitutional convention where needed. The establishment of the NVPG as a republic also served as a major symbolic act to the Veltorine diaspora.

While becoming nominally independent, the NVPG still largely relied on the Urcean military for security and defense purposes until the inauguration of the constitution. Accordingly, New Veltorina had no armed force during the period.


The role of head of state and head of government for the Provisional Government was invested in the role of Executive Administrator, who exercised basic administrative oversight of the State by managing the State's personnel and budget as well as appointing diplomats and other high ranking civil servants with the approval of the appropriate Cabinet member. The Executive Administrator also served as the main coordinating office between the Government of Urcea and the Cabinet. The Executive Administrator held the ability to cast a tiebreaking vote in the Cabinet, but such outcomes were avoided if possible and the tie-breaking vote only had to be cast twice. The Executive Administrator was appointed by the Government of Urcea with advance notice to members of the Cabinet.

Two individuals served in the role of Executive Administrator throughout the NVPG's existence. From May 16th, 2026 to June 15th, 2026, the Urcean Royal and Imperial Army officer Prafáti Liam Ermanus served in the role. Ermanus was the chief of staff to Martin St. Clair during his time as Military Rector of the Veltorine Territories and was appointed in order to facilitate the transition from military to civilian government. The second Executive Administrator was Niko Balaskos, an ethnic Veltorine academic from Urcea. Balaskos served as Administrator from June 16th, 2026 to December 31st, 2027.


The Cabinet held most executive powers within New Veltorina during the NVPG's existence, and its Ministers held vast policymaking authority over their respective portfolio areas. Additionally, all major decisions of State were made by a majority vote of the Cabinet, with it serving as the de facto legislature of the NVPG. The Cabinet was made up of sixteen members, with eight members being representatives of the Veltorine Popular Defense Committee and eight being representatives of the former Veltorine government-in-exile.

Local governance

The local governing apparatus of the NVPG retained the structure of the Veltorine Territories, based around four Prefectures. The three original Prefectures were, west to east, the "Oceanic Prefecture" which included the territories on the country's western peninsula, the "Western Core Prefecture" including the cities between the western peninsula and New Taxades including the Pentapolis region, and the "Capital Prefecture" including New Taxades and most of the urban centers on the northern coast. The end of the Final War of the Deluge saw additional lands added to the southwest of the country from Varshan, and accordingly the "Southern Frontier Prefecture", covering the mountainous region in the southwestern portion of the country. The original Veltorine Territories also included a "Eastern Frontier Prefecture", which was ceded to Quetzenkel in 2024. Each Prefecture was run by a Civilian Proprefect who exercised total executive authority. The Proprefect system was originally created as a civilian advisor to the military Prefects of the Veltorine territories, but the system remained in place until constitutional government dissolved the military governments of the Prefectures. Local government structures - a three person committee appointed directly by the Prefect government - was also retained, but rather than 3 VPDC appointees, the NVPG's structure included a VPDC member, a former government-in exile representative, and a neutral member residing in the municipality agreed upon by both members.

Constitutional convention and elections

Elections were held on October 1st, 2026 for a constitutional convention to establish the constitution and basic laws of the new Republic. The convention had no governing authority or any official oversight of the NVPG. The elections, monitored by Urcean, Capetian, and Stenzan observers, took place in the form of at-large proportional elections for delegate from the four Prefectures, with each Prefecture given twelve delegates and the Capital Prefecture given eighteen. The convention began its deliberations on November 15th, 2026, and continued to meet until May 24th, 2026, upon which date it approved the draft constitution with 82% of delegates voting to approve. On the same day, the convention voted to adjourn and dissolve itself.

Elections to fill the new government took place on November 2nd, 2027. The new Constitution took effect on January 1st, 2028, establishing the present form of government in New Veltorina as the elected government was inaugurated.