Fhainnin-Cronan Cooperative Organization

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Fhainnin-Cronan Cooperative Organization
Emblem of Fhainnin-Cronan Cooperative Organization
HeadquartersMharnsgate, Mharnsgate Military Admin., Maloka
Official languages
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Membership Faneria

The Fhainnin-Cronan Cooperative Organization (FCCO) is an intergovernmental organization based out of Mharnsgate founded on December 18, 2025. Its function is political, military, and economic coordination between Maloka, Ashkenang, and Faneria. Sabnaki was briefly a member state in 2024, but has since drawn back to an observer role. It additionally has a Varshan chapter.

The FCCO oversees the extraction of minorities, largely of Algosh extraction, from former territories of the defunct Algoquonan Hierarchy to the modern Algosh Republic, along with coordinating foreign investment and aid, government reform, and collecting foreign contractors and advisors for the governments of Maloka and Ashkenang. It also coordinates the transit of people to Mharnsgate and has additional controls on international travel in the two nations.

In the broader scale, the FCCO also acts as a vector of Fhainnin ideological imperialism, particularly in the form of its Varshan chapter, which is a lobby in the provisional government of League-occupied Varshan. The FCCO is a supporting organization of the Council for a Free Crona, though this support has varied due to the CFC's large variety of internal factions.