International Council on Fhasen Conventions

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The International Council on Fhasen Conventions (ICFC) is an international organization dedicated to the cataloguing, preservation, and promulgation of the Fhasen dialect in particular and Gaelic tongues as a whole, especially in diaspora communities abroad. The body is considered a front organization of the Fhainnin government's National Arts and Treasures Bureau and acts in a manner mostly subordinate to Fhainnin state interests.

International Council on Fhasen Conventions
Formationestablished April 25th, 1956
Founded atTeindún
TypeLanguage Regulator
HeadquartersICFC Administration Center
Region served
Northern Levantia, diaspora
ServicesLanguage courses, educational material on Fhasen
Budget (2020)
38 million (T)
Expenses (2020)36.6 million (T)
Staff (2020)
up to 5000 annually or eng)




The ICFC was named by Fiannrian officials as a 'subversive group' in 1965 after it was revealed the ICFC had been distributing material aimed at reinforcing Faneria-specific cultural elements and 'secessionist sentiment' within the (vandarch disputed territory); while the material itself was technically innocuous, the context of the region's long history as a Fanerian province and troubles with the reintegration into Fiannria meant that both states acted aggressively and uncooperatively, exasperating the situation and starting a diplomatic incident that required mediation by the League of Nations to resolve. Faneria has since continued to promote the preservation of the unique mixed culture of ______, although it has abided by the agreement to reign in the ICFC, which was forced to fire several prominent members as a result of the scandal.

Modern Activities