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Most countries of the world have different names in different languages. Some countries have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This article attempts to give all known alternative names for all nations, countries and sovereign states. It does not offer any opinion about what the "original", "official", "real", or "correct" name of any country is or was.

Countries are listed alphabetically by their current best-known name in Ænglish. Each Ænglish name is followed by its currently best-known equivalents in other languages, listed in English alphabetical order (ignoring accents) by name and by language. Historical and/or alternative versions, where included, are noted as such. Foreign names that are the same as their Ænglish equivalents are listed, to provide an answer to the question "What is that name in..."?.

Ænglish name Names in different languages
 Aciria Acirie (Cartadanian), Akśiria (Coscivian), Akirien (East Gothic), Asoir (Fhasen Gaelic), 아치리아 (Metzi)
Loa Republic Akanatoa Costaglia (Acirian), Acroatiterra (Caphiric Latin), Loaland (Carnish), Loaterra (Cartadanian), Loaroyan (Coscivian), Loasche Republik or simply Loa (East Gothic), Platten-Loa (Eldmoran), Takataloabh (Fhasen Gaelic), Takádín (Hendalarskisch), Cákáclország (Khunyer), 닦앋아 로아 (Metzi)
 Alstin Alisitin (Akanatoa), Alstin (Cartadanian), Alstin (Coscivian), Alstin (East Gothic), Alstine (Eldmoran), Elstaoin (Fhasen Gaelic), Alstín (Hendalarskisch), Álsztin (Khunyer), 앐딘 (Metzi)
 Arcerion Arceria (Acirian), Arcerie (Cartadania), Arkerien (East Gothic), Arkerilan (Fhasen Gaelic), Ákerín (Hendalarskisch), Árkarlyón (Khunyer), 알셀이온 (Metzi)
 Burgundie Borgondia (Acirian), Tanagulahamiloa (Akanatoa), Burgundia (Caphiric Latin), Burgundy (Carnish), Borgonha (Cartadanian), Burgundiva (Coscivian), Burgund (East Gothic), Burgund (Eldmoran), Baerguoinde (Fhasen Gaelic), Burgunín (Hendalarskisch), Burgunország (Khunyer), 부군디 (Metzi)
 Caergwynn Cervinna (Acirian), Caerica (Cartadanian), Kérguinn (Coscivian), Kärgwin (East Gothic), Aerginne (Fhasen Gaelic), Kárgön (Hendalarskisch), Kárország (Khunyer), 겔귄 (Metzi)
 Caphiria Capiria (Acirian), Capira (Akanatoa), Cafiria (Cartadanian), Cauphirie (Carnish), Caphirium (Caphiric Latin), Hekuv (Coscivian), Kaphirien (East Gothic), Kaphirien (Eldmoran), Kaniamh (Fhasen Gaelic), Kafírín (Hendalarskisch), Káfirgyorság (Khunyer), 갑일이아 (Metzi)
 Carna Karana (Akanatoa), Càrna (Carnish Gaelic), Carna (Cartadanian), Karrn (Coscivian), Karnland (Eriskayer), Karna (East Gothic), Karna (Eldmoran), Cairen (Fhasen Gaelic), Kánlan (Hendalarskisch), Dőnkánorság (Khunyer), 갈나 (Metzi), Karnland (Vithinjan)
 the Cape Cabo (Cartadanian), Kesta (Coscivian), Die Kape (East Gothic), Coste (Fhasen Gaelic), (Metzi)
 Cartadania Cartagna (Acirian), Tainsui (Akanatoa), Cartadaniana (Caphiric Latin), Cartanie (Carnish), Cartadania (Cartadanian), Insūiv (Coscivian), Kartadanien (East Gothic), Kartanien (Eldmoran), Cartaden (Fhasen Gaelic), Kádadánín (Hendalarkisch), Kádánország (Khunyer), 갈다다니아 (Metzi), Insuei (Valcenian)
 Corumm Golum (Acirian), Corun (Akanatoa), Corumīnae (Caphiric Latin), Kunlun (Cartadanian), Korún (Coscivian), Korumm (East Gothic), Korumm (Eldmoran), Koerum (Fhasen Gaelic), Krüméín (Hendalarskisch), Krüm (Khunyer), 고룸 (Metzi), Carumme (Valcenian)
 Eldmora-Regulus Aldmora-Auregulus (Carnish), Eldmora-Regulana (Cartadanian), Eldmora-Áregūluv (Coscivian), Eldmora-Regulus (East Gothic), Eldmoir-Reghbhalois (Fhasen Gaelic), Eltmor-Régul (Hendalarskisch), Áldmor-Redzsul (Khunyer), 엘모라 레규룻 (Metzi)
 Faneria Faneglia (Acirian), Pinneran (Akanatoa), Feniium (Caphiric Latin), Fanerie (Carnish), Fênin (Cartadanian), Fannéran (Coscivian), Fanerien (East Gothic), Fainnaer (Eldmoran), Fhainnlannachaeran/Aenaeran (Fhasen Gaelic), Fásín (Hendalarskisch), Fászenország (Khunyer), 빈앨안 (Metzi)
 Fiannria Fiânin (Cartadania), Féannridan (Coscivian), Fiannrien (East Gothic), Eannria (Fhasen Gaelic), Fíánín (Hendalarskisch), Fíanország (Khunyer), 비안리아 (Metzi)
 Hendalarsk Hendalaris (Cartadania), Gendalarskara (Coscivian), Hendalarsk (East Gothic), Henskara (Fhasen Gaelic), Henalask (Hendalarskisch), Hóndalacs (Khunyer), 헨두랄숙우 (Metzi)
 Kiravia Kiravirogna (Acirian), Kirabia (Akanatoa), Kiravirona (Caphiric Latin), Kiravie (Carnish), Qiravia (Cartadanian), Kiravien (East Gothic), Kiravie (Eldmoran), Kiramh (Fhasen Gaelic), Kírabín (Hendalarskisch), Kíráv (Khunyer), 기라갸 (Metzi), Ciravei (Valcenian)
 Metzetta Mezetta (Acirian), Mesetta (Cartadanian), Medsettra (Coscivian), Metzenland (East Gothic), Metsettlann (Fhasen Gaelic), Mezétín (Hendalarskisch), Mececenország (Khunyer), 멛Δ에따 (Metzi), 메세다 (Metzi, historical)
 Paulastra Paulastra (Cartadanian), Pálastra (Coscivian), Paulastrien (East Gothic), Paolastrae (Fhasen Gaelic), Paölastisch-Bund (Hendalarskisch), Pálásztország (Khunyer), 발앗둘아 (Metzi)
 Pelaxia Pelmagla (Acirian), Tapanta (Akanatoa), Palmaceus (Caphiric Latin), Pelaxie (Carnish), Peláxia (Cartadanian), Pêlmeria (Coscivian),Palmerien (East Gothic), Palmerien (Eldmoran), Pelaksoia (Fhasen Gaelic), Pelaksín (Hendalarskisch), Pelacország (Khunyer), 베락시아 (Metzi)
 Stenza Stensie (Cartadanian), Śtendsen (Coscivian), Stenzen (East Gothic), Shten (Fhasen Gaelic), Stézín (Hendalarskisch), Sztencország (Khunyer), 수덴ㅿㅏ (Metzi)
 Vithinja Vitinha (Cartadanian), Viþinyedan (Coscivian), Witinien (East Gothic), Bhithoia (Fhasen Gaelic), Witín (Hendalarskisch), Vitínország (Khunyer), 윕인자 (Metzi)
 Urcea Urceia (Acirian), Urakua (Akanatoa), Urcei (Caphiric Latin), Ersea (Carnish), Eurcea (Cartadanian), Iūrsea (Coscivian), Örsee (East Gothic), Ursee (Eldmoran), Urkea (Fhasen Gaelic), Ökéín (Hendalarskisch), Galbírodalom (Khunyer), 율시아 (Metzi), Eurcei (Valcenian)
 Yonderre Joanusterra (Caphiric Latin), Yonder (Carnish), Ionder (Cartadanian), Eondér (Coscivian), Jonderre (East Gothic), Jonderre (Eldmoran), Yonairrlann (Fhasen Gaelic), Íónderín (Hendalarskisch), Gyóndország (Khunyer), 욘델 (Metzi)
 Zaclaria Zaclarium (Caphiric Latin), Saclarie (Carnish), Zaclaria (Cartadanian), Dsaklaridan (Coscivian), Zarklarien (East Gothic), Sakláín (Hendalarskisch), Saclárország (Khunyer), ㅿㅏ갈야 (Metzi)