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Main Article

I Fhainnaeran


I Seat of the Despotate

I Joined Seats of the Concord

I Office of the High Courts

I Office of Civil Services

I Office of Political Security

I Office of Trade and Travel

I Office of the Treasury

I Office of the Federal Army

Geography and Political Divisions

I Provinces of Fhainnaeran

I Ninerivers Basin (Fearann Naoabhainn, lit. land of the ninerivers)

I Lyukquára - province

I Vrael - province

I Connsmonan - province

I Mhartainnvail - province

I Ceann a Rhydwel - province

I Lyukquar - province

I Vrael - province

I Srathlann - province

I Ceann a Haibne - province

I Ceann a Torr - province

I Dunlann - province

I Glean Bean - province

I Glean Teilt - province

I Fhainnholdt - province

I Mharnsgate - Colonial city carved out of Maloka Island colony here

I Eileada - island colony in Sarpedon area, formerly Corbos

I Maloka - dependency/protectorate in Punth/Crona

Major Features

I Rhydwel River (Abhain Rhydwel)

I Connsmonannin River (Abhain Connsmonannin)

I Reothadt River (frost river, Abhain Reothadt)

I Deamhain Mountains


I Kurikila - city

I Teindùn - city

I Oirthidùn - city

I Connsmonandún - city

I Sethsport - city

I Port na Comhgall - city

I Luidún - city

I Igar Dún - city

I Mult Dúnbaile - city

I Dúnfhainn - city

I Lansgadh - city

I Port na Habhainnsk - city

I Cirit Mull - city

I Meadhainnigh - city

I Gwyn Dún - city

I Cirit Braigh - city

I Luinn Dún - city

I Cirit Torr - city


I Fhainnin Culture or Ninerivers Fhainn

I Cananachan Republicanism

I Northern Revival Art

I Political Parties of Fhainnaeran

I Fhasen

I Gaelic people or Feinii

C GaelWind - radical ethnoterror group/political party

I Pan-Gaelic Theory - ethnopolitical theory

I Cananachan Republicanism - political theory

I Teindùn Gach-latha (Teindun Daily) - News station


I History of Fhainnaeran

I Croprot Famines

I Great Fire Blight

I 1664 Levantine Quake

I Teindun Factory Riots

I 1903 Constitutional Crisis

C Nordskan Sea Flashes


I Kurikilan Crusade

I Tundra Wars

I First Princes' War

I Second Princes' War

I Fhainnin Civil War

I Sutharine Succession Crisis

I Fhainn-Fiann Kin Wars or First-4th Kin Wars

I Eight Years' Terrors

I North Levantine Front (Great War)

I Vandarch Canal Crisis

I Malokan Month's War

I Covine Ember War


I Kings of the Fhainn

I Ruaridh Màrtainn

I Rethys Màrtainn

I Bronlan Màrtainn

I Alexandr Haith Màrtainn

I Alexandr II Màrtainn

I Ruaridh II Màrtainn

I Ruaridh III Màrtainn

I Caerls Màrtainn

I Clyde Barheln

I Bronwyn Barh-Màrtainn

I Rhys Wydd-Màrtainn

I Cledwyn Wydd-Màrtainn

I Conan Wydd-Màrtainn

I Ruaridh Sutharlan

I Cailean Suthar-Màrtainn

I Donan Suthar-Màrtainn

I Rethys Suthar-Màrtainn

I Rethys II Suthar-Màrtainn

I Conn Suthar-Màrtainn

I Sean Suthar-Màrtainn

I Sear Mari Suthar-Màrtainn

C Thondil Suthar-Màrtainn

C Rethys III Suthar-Màrtainn

I Donan II Suthar-Màrtainn

I Conn Sean Suthar-Màrtainn

I Cywir Suthar-Màrtainn

I Luthais Suthar-Màrtainn

I Sean II Suthar-Màrtainn

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I Rethys IV Suthar-Màrtainn

I Cywir II Suthar-Màrtainn

I Cledwyn Suthar-Màrtainn

I Rethysear Suthar-Màrtainn

I Rethys V Suthar-Màrtainn

I Ruaridh Suthar-Màrtainn

Other People

I Callac Cananach - (deceased) founding father

I Brennan Walaerin - Director

I Sair Luthair - Taoiseac

I Conn Mann

I Áilgel Maridh - head of Office of the High Courts

I Cynfel Dúnchair - head of Office of Civil Services

I Caíndryn Dúnach - head of Office of Political Security

I Delyth Guair - Office of the Federal Army Chief Army Officer

I [[]] - head of Office of the Treasury

I [[]] - head of Office of Trade and Travel

I [[]]

I Domhnic Lutair

I John Adenten - GW general

I Cynwyr MacGaeth - GW general and later Marshal

I Markus MacCilnin - GW general

I Connal Sutherman - GW general

I Jonah Lohr-Màrtainn - general, marshal and first Taoiseac

I Cion Faelhaen - former Despot; lead during GW

I Gwyn Feawyr - former Despot and Taoiseac; end of Lean Years

I Sean Sgalt - former Despot; brought country out of Lean Years

I Donnal MacGathac - Commissioner of Environment for the League of Nations

I Brenna Daenlaine - General Assembly delegate to the League of Nations, stutters

I Marcus Walaerin - Security Council delegate to the League of Nations, brother of Despot

I Celippe Werthwr - owner of Werthwr Stàilinobaer

I Dunin Werthwr (deceased) - founder of Werthwr Stàilinobaer

I [[]]

I [[]]

I [[]]

I [[]]

I [[]]

I [[]]


I Economy of Fhainnarean

I Barra (฿) - native currency

Primary sector of the economy (the raw materials industry)

I Lyukquar Agricultural Incorporated - grains

I Ruthlandt Co-op - ranching and dairy

I Gansun Energy - coal

I Solafioden - coal and gas

I Inner Basin Exotics and Extraction - rare earth metals

I Agroleum Comitat - oil and gas

I Miller and Cripps Timber - logging

I Cheasan Kompanai - fruit and warm-region crops

Secondary sector of the economy (design, manufacturing, and construction)

I Werthwr Stàilinobaer - steel

I Madrat Motor Design - automotive parts and automobiles; automotive design

I Gothic Manufacturing Guild - industrial capital manufacturing

I Sverd Industries - aeronautic design and manufacturing

I Greater Alania Institute for the Biological Sciences - bioengineering

I Sethsport Shipyards United - shipwright)

I Erasia National Munitions - small arms and military supplies, military focus, state-owned

I Hydrus Arms - small arms, civilian focus

I Ladvner Construction - general construction and contracting

I Faena Chemical-Electric - chemicals manufacturing

I Luthair National Munitions

I Ginearált Dealbhadh Coimpiutair (General Computer Design)

I Teilgcheárta de Làmhachas Nàiseanta Fhainn (Fhainnin National Heavy Arms Foundry)

I Teilgcheárta de Armachd Nàiseanta Fhainn (Fhainnin National Armor Plant)

I Ginearált Lionsag (General Lensing)

Tertiary sector of the economy (the "service industry")

I Targaidt Prìse - retail

I Feldenet Driss - private healthcare

I Haersk Defense - pmc/private security

I East Onderu General Electric - electrical utility

I Hei Seirbanisge - water utility, civil focus

I Heiden Irrigation - water utility, agricultural focus

I National Central Aquafer Commission - water


I Fhainnin Thronewatch - historic secret police organization

I Royal Vicariates of Fhainnlannachaeran - historic political divisions

C Madiodha 2016-1 - main battle tank

I Nuclear weapons and Fhainnaeran

I armored vehicle 1

I armored vehicle 2

I armored vehicle 3

I armored vehicle 4

I rifle 1

I navy separate

I air separate

I land separate

I company 1

I company 2

I company 3

I company 4

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