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Republic of Rhotia

Repubblia Rhotia (Rhotian)
Flag of Rhotia
of Rhotia
Coat of arms
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Anthem: Your song
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Official languagesRhotian
Catholic Church
Rhotes (plural)
GovernmentFederal constitutional presidential republic
• President
Alexandru Lash
All-States Delegation
All-Rhotian Assembly
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Rhotia, officially the Republic of Rhotia, is a country in Levantia. It is neighbored by Hollona and Diorisia and Anglei to the west, Urcea to the southwest, Lapody and Lutsana to the east, and Fiannria to the north.


Rhotia is named for Rhotian, the language spoken in the northern part of Dericania. It is unclear when this derivation was first used in a geographical sense, with scattered references beginning in the late 17th century. The term did not enter common parlance until the 20th century, when it was used to collectively refer to the northern Deric States.



Pre-union states






Rhotian unification


Rhotia is a federal, constitutional republic with various democratic values. It is governed by the Fundamental Statute of 2030, which serves as the Republic's constitution. In style, and particularly in nomenclature, it is based partly on the government of Fiannria, the oldest democratic republic in Levantia, although in form it resembles a more straightforward presidential republic. Rhotia is relatively unique among members of the Levantine Union in that its head of state and head of government are the same office, eschewing both the semi-presidential model of Fiannria, the Julian form of governance, as well as the more conventional constitutional monarchical systems employed by states like Lapody and Anglei.

Rhotia is a federal union of five states who retain some degree of local governance and are coterminous with the predecessor states of the Deric States which formed Rhotia.


The head of state and head of government of Rhotia is the President of Rhotia.

The current President of Rhotia is Alexandru Lash. Lash, who is a self-described non-partisan academic, was selected as provisional President by the All-States Delegation at the time of the constitution's adoption. The first regularly scheduled Presidential election will be held in 2035.


Rhotia has a bicameral legislature divided into the All-Rhotian Assembly, the lower chamber, and the All-States Delegation, the upper chamber. The All-Rhotian Assembly is considered the primary legislative chamber and has authority over all laws and has power of the purse inasmuch as all budgets must originate there, while the All-States Delegation has limited authority over foreign trade deals, constitutional matters, and labor laws, similar to the Urcean Gildertach. The All-Rhotian Assembly is elected by a national ballot every five years (with elections in years ending with "0" and "5") by means of a nation-wide party-list proportional representation system. The All-States Delegation, meanwhile, is comprised of individuals appointed by the state legislatures of Rhotia's five constituent states, with apportionment based on population, with the smallest state having three delegates and the largest six.

Local governance

Rhotia is divided into five states, each of whom have a unicameral State Assembly and Governor.


At present, Rhotia is governed by a national government of all political parties within the All-Rhotian Assembly in conjunction with a provisionally elected non-partisan President of Rhotia, Alexandru Lash. Rhotia, as a new country comprised of five former countries, has four primary "coalitions" rather than political parties; these coalitions are made up of the various local political parties of the five states. All four coalitions have committed themselves to reforming into centrally organized political parties by 2035. The four coalitions, by order of size within the Assembly, are the Pan-Deric National Union League (center-right), the Post-Deric Front (left), the Coalition of Patriotic Democrats (big tent/populist), and the Coalition for the Right Governance of the Kingdom of Dericania (far right).




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