Kingdom of Angla

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Kingdom of Ængla


Capital Ænglburg
Languages Aenglish
Religion Protestantism (from 1523), Catholic‎‎ (to 1523)
Demonym Ænglish
Government Monarchy
 •  1519-1554 Godwin IX
 •  Elevation to Kingdom 1278
 •  Nordmontaine War 1554
Currency Taler
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ænglish March
b. ...
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The Kingdom of Angla or Ængla was a dominion established in the 13th century following the elevation of the Margrave of the Ænglish March to the rank of King. From 1278, the Kingdom of Angla played an important role in the politics of the central Holy Levantine Empire, and it served as an important buffer between Urcea and the Kingdom of Latium. Following King Godwin IX's conversion of the Kingdom to Protestantism in 1523, the Kingdom's relationship with the Holy Levantine Empire became increasingly antagonistic before the Emperor of the Levantines waged war on the Kingdom in the Nordmontaine War. Following the destruction of the Kingdom and the subsequent Great Confessional War, most of Angla was absorbed into the Apostolic Kingdom of Urcea and became Ænglasmarch.