Kingdom of Angla

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Kingdom of Ængla


Capital Ænglburg
Languages Aenglish, German
Religion Protestantism, Levantine Catholic Church‎‎, Judaism
Demonym Ænglish
Government Monarchy
King Æthelred
 •  Elevation to Kingdom old
 •  Nordmontaine War 1554
Currency Thaler
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Duchy of Ængla
County Ostheim
b. ...
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The Ænglish are a group of people in northern Urcea of mixed Latin and native Levantine descent. Originally from the conquered Vrellan Imperium in modern Kistan, they settled in the area after being brought into the area by the Urcean king in the mid-14th century to form a liege army. The area became known as Angla in the 1400s as the migrants gradually became the dominant local group. They emerged as a unique culture with a unique language around that time, and due to their central location in Levantia and amalgous language, provided a bridge between the various Germanic, Gaelic and Latinic cultures in Levantia. Despite being crushed and subsumed into Urcea, their language, English, became very pervasive in the 1500s as a working language of Levantia.

In the modern day, the Ænglish people are separated into Urcean and Kistani subsets, with Anglia being the only semiautonomous area under their ethnic rule.