East Arctic Mandate

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East Arctic Mandate
Êdrixistórulnax Ípasimdiskírēn (Kiravic)

Mandatory Power Kiravian Federacy
Capital Port Sidhrabān
Largest settlement Ōsen-Rōtelra
Population 17,241
Administratrix Máire Cinnéad
Stanora seats 0
Official languages Standard Coscivian
Other Languages Chiraqi
Intuit (Turbotaxican)
Postal Abbreviation EIS

The East Arctic Mandate (Coscivian: Êdrixistórulnax Ípasimdiskírēn) is a League of Nations mandate in far northern Crona entrusted to the Kiravian Federacy. It was separated from Venua'tino in 2017.


The East Arctic Mandate borders North Atrassic Crona to the South, though there is no overland road or rail route between the two territories. It borders the ice cap to the North, the Atrassic Ocean to the east, and Urc’s protectorate to the West.


The East Arctic Mandate is an administrative state governed by Kiravian federal agencies and appointees. Primary responsibility for civil administration lies with the Kiravian Polar Affairs Executive, represented on the ground by an Administrator based in Fort Sidhrabān.

There is no legislative body, though there are vague plans to convene a consultative council without lawmaking powers sometime in the near future.

The Mandatory Court of the East Arctic is the highest judicial body, primarily hearing cases involving the government, involving indigenous customs and usages, or elevated from the magisterial courts in each raion (see below). Appeals are to the Federal Appellate Court for the Atrassic Sector, which also has jurisdiction over Æonara and Atrassica.

The Federal Post provides postal service to the mandate, which contains some of the agency's most remote facilities and difficult postings. Extension of the Kiravian postal address scheme to the Mandate is incomplete due to lack of demand. As such, door-to-door delivery is currently limited to Fort Sidhrabān and Ōson-Rōtelra, with other outposts served by office delivery only. The Mandate issues its own stamps, which are highly sought after by collectors.

The native population of the East Arctic Mandate hold the status of Kiravian-protected persons.

Local Governance

The East Arctic Mandate is divided into six deneþuriguv, translatable as “bailiwicks” or “magisterial districts”. These include four raion into which the mandate’s territory is divided latitudinally - Tundra, Near Arctic, High Arctic, and Extreme Arctic - and two vestra (“boroughs”) - Ōsen-Rōtelra and Port Sidhrabān - which are administratively separate from the raīon surrounding them.

At the present time, indigenous denizens of the Mandate who have not voluntarily submitted to civil registration are generally left to their own devices, with Kiravian authorities governing them (when necessary) indirectly through tribal leaders as intermediaries.

Main Administation Building, Port Sidhrabān

Society & Culture

The majority of the Mandate’s seventeen thousand people are indigenous, belonging to three different ethnic groups. The Choryak people live as tundra herders and inland hunters. The Simiut are hunter-gatherers in the more northerly glaciated areas and the Intuit are marine mammal hunters living on the sea ice and adjacent coastal regions. The Simiut and Intuit are differentiated mainly by lifestyle, speaking closely-related dialects and sharing generally similar religious traditions. Almost the entire indigenous population is nomadic or semi-nomadic, living in seasonally-shifting traditional settlements.

A small but growing population of Coscivian and Celtic Kiravians live in the Mandate, almost all on a temporary basis as military and governmental personnel, scientists, and service workers. A few Kiravian merchants and missionaries also live in the Mandate. There are also some Koré'hetanùan workers in the mandate who maintain the supply chains to touristic establishments in the International Nature Preserve.


Nomadic subsistence

Science, shady military activities, and hotel supply chains.

Some offshore fishing.


  • Fort Sidhrabān- Administrative centre, military base, icebreaker base.
  • Ōsen-Rōtelra - Largest Kiravian settlement, research base, and logistical hub.
  • Ávixistóra (English: Blue Ice) - Support base.
  • Meridia Station - Research station.
  • Léonoiþansin (English: Léonoix Base) - Research station named for Arctic explorer and Kiravian naval officer Xasartur Léonoix.
  • Þóaskrita (English: Cool Vibrations) - Research installation, seismic monitoring station.
  • Camp 22 - Kiravian Army installation. Suspected to be a missile defence/strategic sensing base.
  • Atlasova Mission - Arctic Orthodox mission.
Meridia Station