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Granquai Restaurant Chain

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Granquai Restaurants
IndustryRestaurant, food museum
FounderHaddock Palacin
Area served
OwnerCrown Princess Amelia
ParentPalacin Holdings

Granquai (Ænglish: Grand quay, or more figuratively at the great dockside) is a Burgoignesc international restaurant chain owned by Palacin Holdings, which in turn is owned by the Burgoignesc royal family. It is part of an innovative Track II diplomacy approach to spreading Burgoignesc culture via cuisine and ambience. The establishments showcase Burgoignesc traditional art, music, and dining traditions with a modern ambiance, curating a distinctive dining experience.

The menu highlights signature dishes such as the "Coq au Vine Melange," featuring chicken marinated in Burgoignesc Pinot Noir, saffron, and West Darian spices. Noteworthy is the "Vine Fusion Feast," a tasting platter intertwining Boeuf Bourguignon with Oyashimane miso, Burgoignesc-style couscous, and saffron-infused risotto. Beverage offerings include curated wine flights, showcasing Burgoignesc varieties, alongside Battganuuri saffron-infused cocktails.

Granquai cultivates a rustic yet modern ambiance, fusing Burgoignesc decor elements with contemporary design. Wine walls proudly display a selection of Burgoignesc wines, while the open kitchen provides a dynamic culinary showcase. In terms of sustainability, the restaurant chain collaborates with local farmers for Burgoignesc produce and international suppliers for spices, establishing a diverse and responsible ingredient network. The chain is committed to constant menu innovation, regularly incorporating new global influences and seasonal ingredients. With an eye on global expansion, Granquai adapts flavors to local preferences while maintaining the core concept of Burgoignesc fusion. In addition to its daily offerings, Granquai hosts culinary events such as Burgoignesc-themed gatherings (namely holidays celebrated in Burgundie and any associated food and or beverage traditions, wine tastings, and chef collaborations, providing patrons with an immersive experience into the rich diversity of its culinary offerings.

Standard Fare

While the menu rotates based on season and what is locally available there are some standards are served all year-round at all locations that are quintessentially Burgoignesc:

  • Marinated Pinot Noir Branzino- Fresh sea bass fillets marinated in a signature blend of Burgoignesc Pinot Noir, herbs, and Equatorial Ostiecian citrus. The dish is served with a delicate saffron-infused risotto, creating a harmonious balance of flavors that showcases the quality of the salmon while incorporating the richness of Burgoignesc wine and Battganuuri saffron.
  • Bouillabaisse Burgoignesc- An elevated take on the traditional Bouillabaisse, featuring a medley of West Darian spices infused into a flavorful fish broth. The stew includes a variety of locally sourced seafood such as mussels, clams, and whitefish, creating a delectable and aromatic seafood experience. Served with a side of crusty Burgoignesc bread for a complete and authentic touch.
  • Couscous Gran Ularien- A vibrant and visually appealing dish that combines Burgoignesc culinary elements with international influences. Succulent shrimp, calamari, and scallops are delicately sautéed with Oyashimane miso, presented on a bed of Bulkhawan-style couscous, and garnished with fresh herbs and Equatorial Ostiecian citrus.
  • Lobster Bisque Ouintergene- A luxurious and velvety lobster bisque infused with the rich aroma of Battganuuri saffron. Tender pieces of Wintergenean lobster meat are incorporated into the bisque, creating a decadent seafood experience. The dish is elegantly presented and served with a side of Burgoignesc garlic bread, allowing patrons to savor the depth of flavors in every spoonful.
  • Coq au Vine Melange- One of the dishes Granquai is most known for, this culinary masterpiece features chicken marinated in Burgoignesc Pinot Noir, saffron, and West Darian spices. Slow-cooked.
  • Granquai Fusion Feast- A tasting platter that encapsulates the essence of Granquai's fusion philosophy. Boeuf Bourguignon meets Oyashimane miso, accompanied by Bulkhawan-style couscous and Battganuuri saffron-infused risotto. This feast presents a culinary journey, harmonizing diverse flavors and textures on a single plate, exemplifying the innovative and globally inspired approach at Granquai.
  • Frere Diable Burgoignesc- Granquai serves a sophisticated variation of Fra Diavolo, infusing the classic dish with a Burgoignesc twist. Succulent tiger prawns from Oyashima and tender calamari from the Sea of Kandahar are sautéed in olive oil, garlic, and a touch of Montigralska. The spicy kick comes from a proprietary mix of West Darian chili flakes and Equatorial Ostiecian black pepper. The tomato sauce is artfully crafted with tomatoes, basil, and a hint of Battganuuri saffron, adding a touch of complexity to the dish. Served over a bed of Bulkhawan-style couscous.


  • Coupe Ouintergenoise- Calvados from Wintergen combined with ice cream.

Cocktail menu

  • Flying Somua- A Yonderian cocktail made with Chevaleuer Verte, juices of pineapple and lime and almond liqueur, made by first filling a cocktail glass with ice and water to chill the glass. Next, all the ingredients are added together in a shaker with ice and shaken together. Finally, the ice is poured out of the cocktail glass and the drink is strained into the glass.
  • Saffron Sunrise Elixir- A captivating cocktail blending the warm hues of a sunrise with the rich notes of Battganuuri saffron. Kiravian vodka infused with saffron takes center stage, complemented by a splash of citrusy orange liqueur and freshly squeezed lemon juice both from Equatorial Ostiecia. The drink is garnished with a twist of orange peel, creating a visually stunning and refreshing concoction.
  • Mystic Saffron Mule- modern twist on the classic "Moscow" Mule, this cocktail features Battganuuri saffron-infused Kiravian vodka, ginger beer made from Oyashimane ginger, and a splash of lime juice from Equatorial Ostiecia. The saffron adds a subtle complexity to the drink, enhancing the spicy kick from the ginger beer. Served in a copper mug with a sprig of fresh mint, the Mystic Saffron Mule offers a tantalizing blend of flavors.
  • Saffron Royale Fizz- An elegant and effervescent creation, the Saffron Royale Fizz combines sparkling wine with a saffron-infused simple syrup. The saffron imparts a golden hue and a delicate floral aroma to this celebratory cocktail. Garnished with a twist of lemon peel and a few saffron strands, it offers a sophisticated and festive option for patrons looking to indulge in a saffron-infused libation.
  • Monti Royale Bliss- the Monti Royale Bliss, is a celebration of the long history of Burgo-Chrobonsk trade and friendship. It is made of 2 oz of Montigralska with 1 oz of Equatorial Ostiecian citrus liqueur and 0.5 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice, shaken over ice. Topped with sparkling water for a touch of effervescence, the drink is presented in a chilled coupe glass, garnished with a twist of lemon. The result is a refreshing and sophisticated symphony of Montigralska's sweetness and vibrant citrus notes.
  • Velvet Sunset Sangria-The Velvet Sunset Sangria, showcases the versatility of Montigralska. The drink features 3 oz of Monti with 1 oz of Oyashimane plum sake, 2 oz of a mixed berry juice blend, and a touch of Equatorial Ostiecian orange liqueur. Stirred to perfection, the sangria is poured over ice in a wine glass and garnished with an assortment of fresh mixed berries. The result is a luscious combination of Montigralska's sweetness, plum undertones, and the vibrant burst of berries—capturing the essence of Burgoignesc indulgence and global reach.
  • Verte Mystique- Verte Mystique, takes the essence of Chevaleuer Verte to new heights. It is 2 oz of Chevaleuer Verte, a touch of Burgoignesc elderflower liqueur, and a splash of freshly squeezed lime juice. Shaken with ice and strained into a chilled coupe glass, Verte Mystique delivers an initial taste of sweetness followed by the pronounced spice and pungency characteristic of Chevaleuer Verte. It is garnished with a delicate twist of lime peel.
  • Golden Equinox- The Golden Equinox uses the paler yellow version of Chevaleuer Verte. It calls for 2.5 oz of Yellow Chevaleuer, Burgoignesc honey syrup, a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a subtle dash of aromatic bitters. Stirred and strained over a large ice cube in a rocks glass, The Golden Equinox has a delicate balance of sweetness and herbal undertones. The lower alcohol content allows the nuances of Chevaleuer's intricate flavor profile to shine. Garnished with a twist of lemon and a sprig of fresh thyme.
  • Angel face- is a cocktail made from Burgoignesc gin, apricot brandy and Wintergen Calvados in equal amounts.


Granquai restaurants are built as freestanding buildings bringing design elements of historic Burgoignesc elegance and modern aesthetics into a dining experience that meets the needs of all clientele and also makes them pause and take in the ambiance. When patrons enter the main foyer, they are greeted by walls and high ceilings adorned with traditional Burgoignesc art and a view into the open kitchen. A central bar, boasting a diverse selection of Burgoignesc wines, Montigralska cocktails, and other international spirits, serves as the heart of the establishment with a formal dining room to the left and a family restaurant to the right. The layout is designed to accommodate various dining preferences, offering a refined ambiance for formal gatherings, a relaxed and chic atmosphere in the cocktail lounge, and a family-friendly setting for more casual occasions.

Formal dining room

The formal dining typically has a rich, dark tropical hardwood floors harvested from Equatorial Ostiecia, Alcairet, Chaukhira that welcomes patrons into an inner sanctum of the fine arts and high brow culture of Burgundie with its warmth, providing a luxurious foundation for the dining experience. Seating arrangements are designed to provide an intimate yet spacious setting, the majority of them in richly apolstered booths. Each table is meticulously set with fine Daxian china, polished silverware from Pursat, and crystal glassware (made from the silca rich sands of Battganuur, Bulkh, and Salarive), creating an ambiance of refined dining. The lighting, soft and ambient, emanates from chandeliers featuring crystal elements from the aforementioned places. These fixtures cast a warm glow over each table, adding to the overall atmosphere of cultured indulgence. The attentive staff ensures a seamless and upscale dining experience, making the formal dining room an ideal choice for special occasions and celebrations.

Adorning the walls are prints of traditional Burgoignesc works of art, including framed tapestries and paintings showcasing great moments in the history of Burgundie and it's predecessor, Maritime Dericania. These pieces are carefully selected for each country the restaurant is in so as not to injure the pride of local nationalists.

Cocktail lounge

The Granquai's cocktail lounge is a vibrant and social space, characterized by modern, stylish furnishings and a lively atmosphere. Plush seating arrangements invite patrons to unwind and indulge in the artistry of mixology. The central bar, a focal point of the lounge, is manned by skilled mixologists ready to craft Monti-inspired concoctions like the "Monti Royale Bliss" and the "Velvet Sunset Sangria." The lounge offers a more relaxed setting, perfect for enjoying aperitifs, digestifs, and small bites while immersing oneself in the rhythmic energy of the surroundings.

At some locations from Thursday-Saturday, where local laws and morays allow, the lounge turns into a nightclub. During the day, then traffic is typically low, the lounge hosts wine and liquor tastings, social events, community events, and parties.

Family restaurant

Designed with a warm and welcoming ambiance, the family restaurant section caters to a more casual dining experience. Comfortable seating arrangements accommodate families and larger groups, creating a convivial atmosphere. The menu features a diverse selection of Burgoignesc fusion dishes, ensuring there's something for every palate. Here, patrons can enjoy the standard fare, but local dishes are also served to accommodate younger pallets, in a laid-back setting, making it an ideal choice for family gatherings, relaxed meals, and those seeking a more informal yet equally Burgoignesc Granquai experience. In the evening this space also converts to communal space for cooking classes, cultural events, and can be rented out for community meetings or parties.


Granquai's marketing strategy employs a multifaceted approach to foster a positive perception of Burgoignesc culture internationally, combining culinary excellence with cultural diplomacy. The restaurants menus are designed to represent a fusion of Burgoignesc and key global flavors the represent the full expanse of the Burgoignesc thalattocracy. Granquai's physical and digital presence is designed to immerse patrons in traditional Burgoignesc art, music, and dining practices, creating an authentic cultural experience. Granquai is a cultural diplomacy tool, utilizing events and initiatives to enhance global understanding of Burgoignesc heritage. The online presence emphasizes the national "brand" of Burgundie by storytelling, conveying historical narratives, cultural values, and Burgoignesc contributions to global culture.

Engaging with local communities, the restaurant facilitates cultural exchange programs, promoting mutual appreciation, sometimes earning the restaurants the nickname "consulettes" (Ænglish: little consulate). The restaurant's staff engagement in educational initiatives, sustainability commitments, and participation in global events further contribute to the positive representation of Burgoignesc culture. Influencer partnerships and customer loyalty programs play integral roles in amplifying Granquai's image as a cultural hub, while adaptive menu strategies ensure resonance with diverse markets.

Global investments in heritage foods

Further: Food heritage

The Granquai Restaurant Chain has distinguished itself not only for its delectable offerings but also for its unwavering commitment to culinary heritage. One exemplary illustration of this dedication is the chain's strategic investment in heritage foods, exemplified by its enthusiastic support for the artisanal sea salts, poro ruru and abe shippo, from the Shauku Archipelago. Granquai's investment in heritage foods is deeply rooted in the belief that culinary traditions are not merely recipes but living expressions of culture. By actively seeking out and promoting unique ingredients, the restaurant chain became a custodian of cultural diversity under Crown Princess Amelia, in 2032. This approach ensures that traditional culinary practices, endangered by modernization and globalization, receive the recognition and preservation they deserve. In the pursuit of authenticity, the restaurant takes a principled stance on sustainable sourcing. The restaurant chain establishes direct relationships with local producers and artisans, contributing to the economic well-being of the communities involved in the production of heritage foods. By prioritizing sustainable practices, the restaurant endeavors to minimize its ecological footprint and promote responsible consumption. Granquai's investment in heritage foods goes beyond commercial transactions; it involves active collaboration with local artisans and producers. In the case of poro ruru and abe shippo, the restaurant chain collaborates with traditional salt-makers, supporting them in preserving age-old techniques. This collaboration not only ensures the authenticity of the products but also fosters a sense of community empowerment.

Granquai's innovative chefs are adept at incorporating heritage foods into modern culinary expressions. The restaurant chain serves as a platform for experimentation, where traditional ingredients are introduced to global palates in innovative ways. This approach not only pays homage to cultural legacies but also introduces these heritage foods to new generations of diners. As part of its commitment to culinary stewardship, the restaurant undertakes educational initiatives to raise awareness about heritage foods. Specialized menus, curated events, and collaborations with local cultural institutions are some of the ways the restaurant chain imparts knowledge about the cultural and historical significance of the foods it features. Through these initiatives, Granquai seeks to nurture an appreciation for culinary diversity among its patrons.

Key areas of investment

  • Poro ruru: Granquai recognizes the cultural significance of poro ruru and abe shippo in Oyashimane society. By investing in these artisanal salts, the restaurant chain is a leader in the preservation of a nearly extinct tradition. This cultural preservation goes beyond the culinary realm, contributing to the financial reconstitution of the Iles Evangeline. At the heart of Granquai's investment is a commitment to collaboration with the remaining families that practice the traditional methods of crafting poro ruru and abe shippo. The restaurant chain actively engages with these salt-making artisans, ensuring that their knowledge and skills are not lost to time. This collaborative effort seeks to revitalize and sustain a craft that has historical and cultural significance. Granquai meticulously sources poro ruru and abe shippo directly from authentic producers in the Shauku Archipelago, specifically Iles Evangeline. By establishing direct relationships with the few families still practicing this ancient craft, Granquai ensures the authenticity and quality of these artisanal salts. This sourcing approach reinforces the restaurant chain's commitment to supporting local communities. Granquai's investment contributes to the conservation of poro ruru and abe shippo by creating a demand for these rare salts. This increased demand acts as a catalyst for the continuation of salt-making traditions in the Shauku Archipelago, specifically Iles Evangeline.
  • Burgoignesc wine regions: Granquai's commitment to heritage cuisine transcends the plate, encompassing the entire dining experience. The restaurant chain meticulously curates a cellar that reflects the rich history of Burgoignesc winemaking traditions. By sourcing and preserving vintages that embody the essence of the region's terroir, Granquai ensures that each bottle tells a story of time, place, and craft. At the heart of the restaurant's investment in Burgoignesc wines is a dedication to supporting local vineyards and winemakers. The restaurant chain establishes partnerships with family-owned estates, fostering a symbiotic relationship that not only promotes the continuity of traditional winemaking but also contributes to the economic vitality of the region. Granquai's wine selection emphasizes indigenous grape varieties that have shaped Burgoignesc viticulture for centuries. By championing these varieties, the restaurant chain celebrates the unique flavors and characteristics that define the region's wines. This focus on indigenous grapes contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the distinctiveness of Burgoignesc terroir.

In a move that exemplifies Granquai's commitment to innovation within tradition, the restaurant chain engages in collaborative winemaking projects with local vintners. These projects encourage experimentation with traditional techniques, blending the expertise of seasoned winemakers with the creativity of the restaurant's culinary team. The result is a collection of wines that complement the restaurant's diverse and sophisticated menu. Granquai proliferates the appreciation of Burgoignesc wines through curated wine pairing events and tastings. These immersive experiences educate patrons about the nuances of each wine, its terroir, and its compatibility with different dishes. By integrating education into the dining experience, the restaurant fosters a culture of Burgoignesc wine appreciation among its clientele.



Despite its commitment to delivering a unique and elevated dining experience, Granquai has not been immune to criticisms. The primary criticism has been that the whole Granquai experience is both Burgoignesc propaganda and also celebratory of the colonial legacy of Burgundie.To this the response from the Royal family and the restaurant staff have always replied, yes. The pricing structure, with the restaurants emphasis on sophistication and culinary innovation, has led to concerns about affordability and inclusivity especially in developing countries. The restaurant's high service standards have been subject to critique, with patrons having heightened expectations regarding attentiveness, timing, and overall customer experience, especially in Occidental countries whose relationship with Burgundie has been at times tense (notably this has been reported on a few occasions in Caphiria, Kiravia, and to a lesser degree Urcea).


Granquai has garnered praise for its innovative approach to culinary fusion, seamlessly blending Burgoignesc traditions with international influences to create a dining experience that captivates the senses. The restaurant celebrates the whole history of Burgundie, including it's colonial legacy which it is able to bolster the status of all nations of the Burgoignesc thalattocracy. The formal dining room has received accolades for its refined ambiance, with patrons commending the meticulous attention to detail in both design and service. The plush seating, tasteful Burgoignesc décor, and carefully selected artwork contribute to an immersive cultural experience that patrons appreciate. The cocktail lounge, hailed as a sophisticated sociocultural space, has been lauded for its chic atmosphere and dynamic mixology. Additionally, Granquai has been commended for its commitment to sustainability, collaborating with local farmers for produce and international suppliers for spices, key ingredients, and establishing a diverse and responsible ingredient network (typical Burg shit, create a need, build a trade network to supply it). This dedication to ethical practices aligns with the evolving preferences of environmentally conscious patrons, especially in the Occidental world. Overall, Granquai has earned praise for its ability to deliver an unparalleled dining journey that harmoniously blends tradition, innovation, and cultural richness.

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