Crown Princess Amelia

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Crown Princess Amelia
Crown Princess Amelia.jpeg
Crown Prince of Burgundie
1 August 2015 – present
1 August 2015
Predecessor Crown Prince Guillem
Born (1997-08-01)1 August 1997
Spouse Laurentius Llorenc Carinus Rullianus Juvenis (m. 2025)
  • Fridericus Frederic Laurentius Juvenis, Prince
  • Floridia-Castalia Emmanualla Herreng, Princess
House House of Palacin
Father Pasqual I
Mother Carolina-Emilia de Herreng
Military career
Allegiance  Burgundie
Service/branch  Defense Intelligence of Burgundie
Years of service 2015-2020
Rank Teniente
Comandant Brevet
Unit 35th Signals Regiment
Commands held 3rd FISINT Troop

Crown Princess Amelia (Full Name: Amelia Agathe-Evangeline Herreng; born 1 August 1997) in the crown princess of Burgundie. She is the eldest child of Pasqual I, the current great prince and Princess Carolina-Emilia. She is considered competitive and decisive, like her mother, and yet soft spoken and well mannered, like her father.

Early life



Upon her 18th birthday her father, Pasqual I, crowned her the Crown Princess of Burgundie. The following morning she was shipped off to start the Standardized Militia Program.

Military service

Amelia served for 5 years, from 2015-2020, in the Signal Corps of Defense Intelligence as a Signal Officer in the 35th Signals Regiment. Her active career concluded with her 2-year commission as a Lieutenant of the 3rd FISINT Troop. Upon completion of her active service, she has given the rank of Brevet Comandant. She is the only member of the Royal Family to serve in Defense Intelligence and received a lot of pushback. The major concern was that if she were ever taken captive it would be a massive blow to Burgundie culturally and to its security apparatus. She insisted and was eventually if begrudgingly let in.

Higher Education

She attended Universitas Magistrorum where she double majored in Linguistics and International Relations. It is common knowledge that she can speak 8 languages fluently. During her second year she met Laurentius Carinus Rullianus Juvenis, a middling noble from Caphiria. She referred to him as "Llorenc" and soon too did the media and public. Their courtship was very public and the families sued a number of paparazzi and their publications successfully. One newspaper joked that "kissing Llorenc was the smartest thing Amelia has done to date", in reference to the $16million that the couple made from the suits. Financially independent of their parents the two had a whirlwind international affair on their university breaks.

Marriage and children

After graduating she married Llorenc on 15 June 2025 at Cathedral of St. Mattius, Vilauristre. The couple have twins:

  • His Royal Highness Prince Fridericus Frederic Laurentius Juvenis of Burgundie (born 15 October 2026)
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Floridia-Castalia Emmanualla Herreng of Burgundie (born 21 April 2028)


Constitutional role

Personal life and interests


Public Health



Template:House of Palacin Crown Princess Amelia and Prince Llorenc have twins:

  • His Royal Highness Prince Fridericus Frederic Laurentius Juvenis of Burgundie (born 15 October 2026)
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Floridia-Castalia Emmanualla Herreng of Burgundie (born 15 April 2026)


8. Vincent Palacin, Duke of Martilles
4. Great Prince Maurice I of Burgundie
9. Mariana of Marialanus, Duchess of Martilles
2. Great Prince Pasqual I of Burgundie
10. Edouardo Borges, Duke of Verona-Santiago
5. Great Princess Anna-Emmanuella of Burgundie
11. Lucretia of Caphiria, Duchess of Marialanus
1. Princess Amelia I
12. Frederic de Herreng, Count Bealfort-Germais
6. Gilbard de Herreng, Count Bealfort-Germais
13. Michelle Bacompte, Countess Bealfort-Germais
3. Great Princess Carolina-Emilia of Burgundie
14. Ianatan MacIllFhaolagain, Duke of Burdeboch
7. Bhictoria MacIllFhaolagain, Countess Bealfort-Germais
15. Brighde Lathurna, Duchess of Burdeboch

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