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Republic of Battganuur

Flag of Battganuur
Location of Battganuur (dark green)
Location of Battganuur (dark green)
and largest city
Official languages
Recognised minority languages
Persian, Burgoignesc
• Chief of Ministers
Faisal-Jallal Asayesh Aslani
• 2025 estimate
GDP (nominal)1,915,772,827,600 estimate
• Per capita
Time zoneUTC-

Battganuur is an industrialized and modern nation in western Audonia, stratling the coasts of the eastern Sea of Istroya, the southern coast of the Barbary Strait, and the western coast of the Aab-e-Farus. Its coastal areas are heavily urbanized with its interior being largely rural. The Sarporis

Battganuur has a bicameral legislature, a supreme court, and an executive, the Chief of Ministers who acts in the same capacity as a president.

It is a member of many international organizations like the League of Nations, the ISO, Red Crescent International, etc.

It is a market economy focused on exports, under the watchful eye of Burgundie, whose companies have a massive stake in the country's economic activity. It specializes in the assembly of microprocessors and cellphones, as well as the cultivation of tropical hard woods, fishing, and rubber, which also constitutes its major exports.

The people of Battganuur are predominantly culturally Persian, speak Persian, and most practice Shia Islam.


Prehistoric era

Stone Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Farzadid Empire

Classical Antiquity

Kooroushi Empire

Ashrafinid Empire

Audonian Christianity Ruled most of Battganuur and the Alcairet.

The aristocracy refused to convert to Islam and were eventually pushed out and some emirated to Levantia to form Hištanšahr

Golden Age

Main article: Oduniyyad Caliphate

Denoted as starting with the Muhammadian conquest of the city of Ramsakhs in 670s and ending at the fall of the Oduniyyad Caliphate in 1517, the Golden Age of Audonia had a sweeping effect on the area of modern Battganuur. When it was conquered by the Oduniyyad Caliphate in the 700 and 800s the area was generally already very developed and it took a lot of time and effort to convert the area to Islam.

Bergendii contact

Main article: Bergendii Corsairs


Early modern era

Starting with the fall of the Oduniyyad Caliphate in 1517 and lasting until the expulsion of the Marialanii Ularien Trading Company in 1836 and the Bourgondii Royal Trading Company in 1842, the early modern era in Battganuur was characterized by rapid development, and unprecedented resource and human exploitation.


The Bourgondii Royal Trading Company first arrived in the area in 1577.

Late modern era

Following the expulsion of the Marialanii Ularien Trading Company in 1836 and the Bourgondii Royal Trading Company in 1842, the people of the Ashrafinids

Contemporary era

Operation Kipling

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