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The Pankaryan Stratocracy, Ensured By God

Flag of Pankara
Wataniiyn Alhuel Dyam
(English: "Patriots do us proud")
Capital Iahzriahk
Largest Kuobel Kom
Official languages Valliac
Demonym(s) Pankaryan
Disputed Territory: 
Pankara is recognized internationally but is in the midst of a territory dispute with Kartejya, and in theory Ehemo. The territory of Republika Kartejya is comprised of territory that prior to declaration of independence was a part of Kartesian Automjha, Ehemo and Diakratys Majal, Pankara.
Currency The Punthite Liatlya (ł)
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Driving side right
ISO 3166 code PK
Internet TLD .pk