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Pankaran Confederacy
Confederação Pankarana


and largest city
Area TBA
Population 10,929,635
Chancellor TBA
Legislature Assembléia confederada
Official languages Alstinian Ænglish, Cartadanian
Recognised languages
Postal Abbreviation PA
Time Zone Central Cronan Time

Pankara, officially the Pankaran Confederacy is an landlocked nation in southern Crona of the bordering the United Republic to the west, south, and southeast, Porlos to the east, and Kartejya to the north.


Pankara is situated on the Pankara Plateau, in between the Diego River and the Velyrian Uplands, forming the border with Radia and Arsyra respectively. The climate of the country in predominately arid mountainous, with a humid continental climate in and around Iazriac, while a highland climate exists along the Discosian Range, which forms its eastern border with Porlos.




Pankara is an confederate republic. Its governmental structure and fundamental law are prescribed by the Pankaran Confederate Charter, ratified in 2023. The Chancellor of Pankara is elected by the residents of Pankara, and is prescribed a single six-year term by the Charter, though a Chancellor may be replaced or recalled at any point in their term.

The national legislative body is known as the Assembléia confederada (Confederate Assembly. It is a full-time bicameral body comprising of 150 seats in the House of Deputies, apportioned according to population, with a guaranteed minimum of two seats per district, and 30 seats in the Commission, in which each district is apportioned three seats regardless of population.

Society & Culture

The population of Pankara is predominately a mix of residents descended from Pankaran native and settlers of Occidental origin, principally from Ceylonia. Combined, this binary mixture makes up approximately 89% of residents, with the remaining populace being are of other origins; Mainly from Porlos and Kartejya.

Pankara is a bilingual society, with the most widely spoken languages in the country being Alsintian Ænglish and Cartadanian. 81% of Pankarans are Catholic, with minorities practicing other Christian traditions, most prominently the Chantry of Alstin.


Pankara has long had a diversified economy with a strong mining industry (with Petroleum, and Natural Gas being most prominent) and a similarly strong manufacturing sector. In addition to these, there ha been recent growth in tourism, retail trade, and other service-oriented sectors, as well as a resurgence in agriculture, specifically in potatoes and wheat.