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Modern buildings in Hanzeong.

Hanzeong is the capital of Metzetta, and the country's largest, most populous city. 9.5 million people live in the city, around 12% of the country's entire population. The metropolis sprawls over an area of more than 600 square miles.


Night scene from Hanzeong.

Hanzeong roughly translates as Giant Fortress.


Hanzeong is an ancient settlement, possibly one of the oldest in the country. It was said to have been founded by Yang-jo over 4000 years ago.

Hanzeong was originally surrounded entirely by the Fortress Wall of Hanzeong to provide its citizens with security from wild animals, thieves and attacks, but most of the original wall no longer stands; a short stretch and several original gates do survive today and are protected. While the walls still stood, the gates of the city were opened and closed each day, signalled by the ringing of bells from Doechaemun Belfry.

Hanzeong hosted the first Istroyan Games in 1950, and became the first city in Alshar to host the Winter Games in 2000.


Hanzeong skyline at night.

Hanzeong lies on the west coast of Metzetta. Hanzeong has expanded far beyond its original boundaries, enveloping the city of Inyang and many surrounding counties.



Administrative Districts

Hanzeong is divided into 25 gu (districts) and each gu is divided into dong (neighbourhoods). Each dong is nominally divided into tong, and each tong is divided into ban, however tong and ban are rarely used in everyday life.

Districts of Hanzeong
Dangun District Gangpa District Macheon District Pengcheon District Socheon District
Dochaemun District Hangjin District Mechi District Peonam District Tancheon District
Doekan District Inwae District Nunam District Sadeungpo District Uinyeo District
Ganggeum District Jindo District Oli District Seongnam District Yang District
Gangjung District Karam District Pazwae District Seongwon District Yucheon District


9.5 million people live in Hanzeong.




Hanzeong's Socheon District is home to the Jangeomhan Gungjeon Imperial Complex, an outstanding example of Metzettan architecture.


The Istroyan Games Museum is found in Hanzeong near the Istroyan Stadium.


Baeyang Public Broadcasting is based in Hanzeong.


The Istroyan Stadium was specially constructed to host the first ever Istroyan Games. Other sports venues in Hanzeong include the Imperial Swimming Baths, Karam Dojo and the Hanzeong Municipal Sports Complex.

Hanzeong's biggest men's association football club is the Hanzeong United team, while the women's team is called the Hanzeong Tigers.



As well as its connections to the country-wide rail network, Hanzeong is also served by the Hanzeong Metropolitan Railway.


Hanzeong International Airport is the largest airport in Metzetta. Hanzeong is also served by Inyang International Airport and the domestic-only Wassi Airport.


As Metzetta's capital Hanzeong enjoys a tight connection to the country's highway system.


While Hanzeong does not occupy the most accessible portion of Metzetta's coastline, the port still sees some use from cargo and ferry services.


Hanzeong hosts many universities including Hanzeong National Sport University, Hanzeong National Arts University, Hanzeong National University, Hanzeong National University of Education, Hanzeong National University of Technology, University of Hanzeong, Nunam Presbyterian University, Pengcheon University for The Arts, Metzetta Imperial University, Meseda Women's University, Uinyeo Women's University, Yucheon Women's University, Hanzeong University of Foreign Studies, Hangjin University of Business, Metzetta University of Conservation, Tancheon Metropolitan University, Daeku Institute of Science and Technology, Macheon Institute of Science and Technology, Seongnam University, Ganggeum University, Peonam Agricultural Institute, University of Inwae, Gangjung Institute of Medicine and the University of Metzettan Studies.

Seongnam University has an agreement with Arcerion's Carnish Anglican University so that both universities host campuses for each other.

International Relations

Hanzeong hosts the embassies of the countries with which Metzetta has diplomatic relations as well as a League of Nations office. The following countries have diplomatic missions in Hanzeong;

 Urcea  Loa Republic  Corumm  The Cape  Alstin  Kiravia  Stenza Wadid.png Rusana
Tanhai Jn8qyogt4xt41.png Canpei  Caphiria  Zaclaria Grajnidar  Fiannria Soirwind  Cartadania
Kandara Pukhgundi Pursat  Arcerion  Anglei  Talionia QuetzenkelQuetzenkel  Oyashima
Hollona and Diorisia  Pelaxia

Sister Cities

Alahuela,  Cartadania

Alstin,  Alstin

Collinebourg,  Yonderre